New large-scale storage projects and 320 kW fast charging station for e-mobility

February 2018   

welcome to our first edition of the Energy Storage Newsletter of the new year, in which we would like to inform you of successful projects and products, trade shows and what’s new in the field of energy storage.

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The Science4Life start-up initiative award
"Flex4Energy" with the ADS-TEC large-scale storage system and Big-LinX® is the winner of the Energy Cup

The "Flex4Energy" project, sponsored by Germany's Federal Ministry of Economics, in which ADS-TEC is heavily involved, is to receive the Energy Cup in the Science4Life start-up competition, the largest business plan competition in Germany, for its submitted project proposal.

"Flex4Energy" tests ways of managing flexibilities intelligently. Fluctuations from volatile power generation have so far been compensated primarily in the transmission grid. A trading platform for flexibility potential has now for the first time been developed at distribution grid level in order to reduce the degree of regulation required and to relieve the load on the grids. The system can be made flexible using a central, large-scale battery in container format from ADS-TEC, as well as through the cloud-based control of loads or consumption. With Big-LinX, ADS-TEC provides the appropriate IoT service platform to which providers of flexibility potential (producers, storage systems or consumers) can connect via a secure link. The intelligent energy management software (EMS) is used for calculating and optimising the range of flexibility. This is not just how ADS-TEC controls battery storage systems, but also how it optimises the interplay of the optionally connected flexibilities (sun, wind, thermal, etc.), with efficiency and new business models being the primary focus. The StoREgio association together with Fraunhofer ISE and HSE in Darmstadt is responsible for overall project management.

New ADS-TEC high-performance battery with 2.5 megawatt online in Schleswig-Holstein
StoraXe® storage system for grid regulation, for primary regulation energy and for research into smart grid functionality

At the end of December 2017, a new 2.5 megawatt battery power plant was successfully connected to the grid at the Wind to Gas Energy GmbH & Co. KG location in Brunsbüttel. In just 8 months, the plant from ADS-TEC was ready to use and integrated in the control centre of the Brunsbüttel public utility company. Like all previous StoraXe large-scale batteries, the plant was prequalified straightaway.

The battery power plant can collect/feed large amounts of power from/into the grid in milliseconds in order to smooth energy peaks in the power supply network and to make the volatile generation of power from renewable sources available at all times. Together with Frauenhofer ISIT from Itzehohe, the system is being used to test alternative operating concepts for battery storage systems. The plant is a research project sponsored by Germany's Federal Ministry of Economics. It is part of North Germany's energy revolution 4.0 and one of the first large-scale grid stabilisation projects to be realised through an initiative by the federal government in the north of the country.

EnBW opts for battery technology from ADS-TEC
Newly installed 120 kWh "PowerBooster" outdoor battery system for e-mobility and smart grid in Stuttgart

Significant growth in electric vehicles is to be expected over the next few years, which means questions regarding the performance of the charging infrastructure are increasingly being raised.

A new StoraXe PowerBooster storage system has been at the EnBW charging park at the Stuttgart Fasanenhof office location since August 2017. The compact container solution is installed in combination with several charging stations, has a capacity of 120 kWh and power output of 120 kW and has been connected directly to the 400 V distribution grid. With its extremely compact design, this system delivers high power capacities while energy is recharged at the available network connection point at low power. This can occur in parallel with charging operations, but largely takes place in the EnBW charging park during off-peak periods. This way peaks in the grid can be smoothened out and a lot of power can be made available. This saves valuable time, costly medium-voltage systems, building cost payments and expensive network expansions. The battery system forms part of the overall smart grid concept and was integrated into the control centre of EnBW by ADS-TEC. As a result, the energy supplier can monitor charging and discharging operations and control them itself to achieve ideal management in the context of the entire energy infrastructure.

Innovative district solution with a total of 160 kWh on the grid: ADS-TEC "PowerBooster" in conjunction with home and business storage solutions
"Grid control" Smart Grid project successfully started in Freiamt

EnBW subsidiary Netze BW GmbH and eight partners from research and industry started the "grid control" project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics in Freiamt near Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg (district of Emmendingen in the Black Forest region) in autumn 2017.

"Grid control" is the first nationwide project with a holistic approach to take all areas of the value chain from generation to end consumer into account, and combines the topics of Smart Grid, Smart Home and Smart Market. Flexibilities such as consumers and generation plants are used to prevent bottlenecks, and can participate in the electricity market at the same time. The PV systems of around 30 households and agricultural businesses were equipped with new control and measurement technology, and additional battery storage systems and energy management systems were installed. In addition to various ADS-TEC home and business storage solutions with 9 or 19 kWh, the PowerBooster performs a central task as an outdoor battery solution with a capacity of 120 kWh and output of 120 kW. Other components are a controllable local mains transformer and a charging station. The coordination of all producers and consumers in an "intelligent" public grid is therefore important. This is achieved in Freiamt using a traffic light system.

StoraXe® charging technology from ADS-TEC in a new dimension: HPC booster and HPC dispenser
"High-power charging" – 320 kW charging capacity on the distribution grid

Together with Porsche Engineering Group, ADS-TEC has developed a worldwide-leading technology for providing up to 320 kW of DC charging capacity without having to draw from the power-limited distribution grid.

The compact HPC booster battery system is a complete system with integrated power electronics, climate control, EMS unit, security (ADS-TEC firewall) and communication unit via mobile radio. The system stores and converts energy, is connected directly to the 400 V distribution grid and is designed for all voltage levels, as well as downward compatibility for existing e-vehicles and for future vehicles up to 920 V. The new HPC dispenser fast-charging stations enable a noise-reduced and convenient charging operation of up to 320 kW per station. The integrated 10-inch touch-screen as a user interface is also an ADS-TEC product from the Industrial IT sector.

The systems are easy to transport and enable quick IT integration. With the in-house IoT service platform Big-LinX from ADS-TEC, a comprehensive cloud solution is available for monitoring and controlling globally distributed systems.

ADS-TEC at Energy Storage Europe in Düsseldorf
Presentation of new 320 kW "High-Power Charging" technology for the distribution grid, as well as energy solutions for the domestic, industrial and infrastructure sectors

From 13–15 March 2018, ADS-TEC will be actively involved as a gold sponsor in Düsseldorf and, in addition to its extensive range of StoraXe® products for the domestic, industrial and infrastructure sectors, will be presenting the revolutionary storage-based "High-Power Charging" technology in hall 8b at booth 8bD22. The "HPC booster" battery system and the "HPC dispenser" charging station are optimised for the future fast-charging infrastructure of electromobility and especially for the power-limited distribution grid. At the conference event, Thomas Speidel, CEO of ADS-TEC and president of the German Energy Storage Association (BVES), will be taking part in the panel discussion "Energy Storage or Grid Extension – The Appropriate Question?" held on 13th March. Dr. Jens Kistner, head of product and project management for energy storage applications at ADS-TEC, will also be holding a lecture regarding the PowerBooster in session 8 "Energy Storage Solutions – Best Practice Examples".

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