Starting the Summer of 2016 with Big-LinX®
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August 2016   

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ADS-TEC IT-systems have been made in our own facilities for over 35 years. They are long-term available and fully made in Germany.
With this edition of our newsletter we would like to let you know about current topics and activities from the field of industrial IT, with particular emphasis on our solutions and added values in the areas of remote maintenance and cloud services.

In future, we look forward to reporting on the latest trends in rugged IT, new features of our systems, firmware updates, the most important trade shows coming up and other news from ADS-TEC.

We hope you enjoy this newsletter and we wish you a successful summer.

Your ADS-TEC Sales Team

Everyone talks about Industry 4.0 – We make it happen
Secure and prepared for the future with the Big-LinX® Connectivity Platform

As a recognized IT-specialist ADS-TEC looks far into the future of this sector, and not only supplies concrete solutions, such as in the field of remote maintenance, but also provides trendsetting added values. Crypto smartcard technology, encrypted VPN connections, secure authentication and hardware certificates are but a few of the requirements ADS-TEC imposes on itself for its worldwide remote maintenance solutions. With the Big-LinX connectivity platform ADS-TEC sets the highest security demands with respect to client networks and data, comparable to the security systems used by banks.

Read more about the Big-LinX connectivity platform in our expert report, specifically about the topic of remote maintenance, provided by Manuel Bordasch, industrial IT product manager at ADS-TEC.

AW Connectivity Platform GmbH – a Joint Venture of
ADS-TEC GmbH and Weidmüller GmbH & Co. KG

Secure and convenient Communication in Industry 4.0

Remote maintenance and cloud services are becoming increasingly relevant in industrial automation technology. Secure remote maintenance is a key technology in the implementation of industry 4.0. In future, the Weidmüller group and ADS-TEC will combine their resources in this field to increase customer value together. To this end both partners operate a joint connectivity platform and based on that offer powerful products in their individual markets. The joint venture enables broad access to the internet of things sector.

More about Big-LinX by ADS-TEC

Machine Mounted Terminals now with VESA Mount
For simple and standardized Installation

In order to be able to integrate machine-mounted terminals of the MMT/MMD8000 series more easily in standard situations, ADS-TEC now provides them with an optional VESA mount – for simple and easy installation on site. With this adapter the terminals are VESA MIS-75 compatible. Up to eight connecting wires can be fed into the inside of the device, while observing the IP65 standard. Depending on the connected mount, monitor movability remains fully intact and allows for a very flexible viewing and operating angle.

ADS-TEC is a Member of EHEDG
Expert Network “European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group” for the Development of practical Guidelines and Standards in Food Production

More than 1200 international industry experts from the food industry and machine building as well as research institutions and health authorities have set out to create practical guidelines for hygiene design. As a designer and manufacturer of machine-mounted terminals especially for the hygiene industry, ADS-TEC has been actively contributing to this group of experts, since 2016.

The main task of this expert community is to contribute to hygiene-compliant design and construction in all food production sectors and thereby guarantee a safe production of foodstuffs.

Learn more about our products for application in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage and chemical industry.

Do you have any requests, ideas or questions? We would be delighted to hear from you.

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