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X-Remote - Remote control over Ethernet

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ADS-TEC has developed the software X-Remote for real-time operation of distributed systems and processes.

Operating and monitoring Duplication and remote operation of PC desktops via Ethernet
ADS-TEC has developed the software X-Remote for real-time operation of distributed systems and processes. Windows-based PC monitor surfaces, including the operation thereof, can be distributed via Ethernet and multiplied. Even parallel displays across extensive facilities can be realised, whereby only one high-performance PC is required for the actual application, otherwise simple, low-cost thin clients are sufficient.

With ADS-TEC X-Remote, even cross-operation can be implemented extremely easily. In this way, not only can duplicated interfaces to distributed systems be set up, but also monitoring centres on which many distributed PC interfaces can be displayed in parallel and can be taken over if necessary. X-Remote can even be set up on mobile terminals and therefore powerful computers can be observed and operated on the terminal with minimal CPU performance from anywhere on the network – even via WLAN.

X-Remote Add value
• On Windows-based PC systems, only the X-Remote master needs to be installed in order to access any part of the network
• The X-Remote slave can be installed on simple thin clients or fully-fledged PCs
• PC interfaces can be duplicated and dynamically adapted to display screen resolutions
• In the event of a service, the Big-LinX connectivity platform can be accessed with X-Remote
• The number of powerful PC systems can be minimised and replaced by thin clients
• Simple construction of a monitoring centre in a network in which multiple remote desktops can be displayed on one screen and
  operated if necessary

X-Remote Highlights
• Duplication or cloning of screen interfaces
• One PC can be operated by multiple thin clients High performance with minimal memory usage
• User rights can be toggled by means of hot keys or a physical key switch
• Simple to use: no time-consuming configuration necessary
• Token-based synchronisation of operating rights

X-Remote New features
• File transmission: Bidirectional transmission of files of any data types between master and slave / s.
• Easy to use Explorer: Direct transfer from any file folder to any destination folder. Complete file handling in Explorer using functions like rename or delete files, create folders.
• Clipboard: Bidirectional copy / paste functionality of files between master and slave / s. Direct copy / paste of text and images from text editing and image processing programs between master and slave / s

Remote operation Direct, simple and quick via Ethernet
With X-Remote, a master computer can be operated remotely by various slave computers. Screen and input responses are transmitted through the Ethernet without delay. Ethernet or WLAN are available as communication channels.

Operation in all directions Multiple operating variants
All functions ensure that a safe and defined condition exists at the machine at all times – regardless of how many masters or slaves are connected. The user rights are controlled by means of token passing, which prevents misuse of the system by several operators at the same time.

Independent Flexible screen size and displays
For mobile devices with different display sizes, colour depths and resolutions, X-Remote provides functions such as full-screen display, zoom and an overview screen.

Flexible manufacturing requires distributed control systems
• Physically distributed systems
• Distributed operating terminals
• Real-time requirement
• Increasing demand for control and visualisation units

Remedied with X-Remote®
• Remote control in industrial networks made easy
• In addition to a high-performance PC with the application plus X-Remote Master only streamlined embedded thin clients are required for parallel operation
• Lower PC purchasing and IT maintenance costs

X-Remote® Global  Die globale Remote-Bedienung
• Stationäre oder mobile Remote-Bedienung der Systeme weltweit
• Direkte Bedienung nahezu in Echtzeit
• Maximale Sicherheit durch Smartcard-Technologie und VPN-Tunnel
• Direkt aufrufbar aus der IoT-Service-Plattform Big-LinX (fully-integrated)