Vehicle Terminals - VMT9000 series

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Industrial IT platforms for warehousing and logistics, as well as agricultural and construction machinery
That's something you can count on. For more than three decades, ADS-TEC has continuously provided state of the art, powerful PC technology with an industrially-oriented design. Our complete depth of development and the state-of-the-art processes are the basis for customer-oriented products and individual solutions. Technology 100% made in Germany – a good feeling for ADS-TEC customers.

Compact design Proven and stable
• A solid manufactured die-cast aluminum housing in conjunction with a front panel in 3 mm glass, thermally hardened and anti-reflective, is the basis for the highest stability and most compact design
• Extremely unbreakable (IK08) and abrasion resistant fronts

Bad weather Does not matter
• IP66 - all-round protection against dust and moisture
• Rubberized cable gland to protect all interfaces

Wireless communication Invisible connected
• Optional Wifi module IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n / ac for optimum reception
• Antennas for Wifi / RFID for security against destruction and theft in the
  integrated front panel
• Connection for external antenna possible

Varied display sizes For the right look
• 10.4" TFT display with resolution 1024 x 768 pixels
• 12.1 "TFT display with resolution 1024 x 768 pixels
• 12.1 "TFT wide display with resolution 1280 x 800 pixels
• 15 "TFT display with resolution 1024 x 768 pixels

Flexible use Latest Touch technology
• Choice of resistive and capacitive touchscreens
• Operation with fingers, gloves or special pencils
• Simple and intuitive: drag, swipe, rotate, zoom
• Convenient operation of machines and systems
• Convenient operation via five front keys

Sensors User-friendly operation
• Automatic brightness adjustment
• Integrated proximity and acceleration sensor
• User ID via RFID

Performance Optimal for every application
• Latest Intel Atom® processors
• Up to 8GB of DDR4 RAM
• Save data securely to 64 GB eMMC

Assembly In every situation a good figure
Practical stainless steel brackets for vehicles, forklifts, machines and systems ensure a secure fit and comfortable adjustment options with Nord-Lock wedge lock washers and Nord-Lock lock screws
• All adapters made of wear-resistant stainless steel
• VESA 75
• Table / vehicle owner
• Mounting bracket

Acoustic Perception Through Audio
• Two integrated speakers on the back as acoustic sounders

Service-friendliness Fanless and easily accessible
• Fanless with latest Intel Atom® processors
• No fan failure even in harsh outdoor conditions
• Screwed service shaft on the back with rubberized cable glands
  to protect the interfaces

Operating systems The basis of your applications
Available operating systems for the VMT9000 series
• Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise
• IGEL Linux
• Linux

Connections Securely connected
• Strain relief for all cables
• 5 V power supply for connecting an external scanner selectable via switch

Ignition function A bright spark of an idea
When installed on board vehicles:
• Switch on together with the ignition
• System is blocked when the ignition key is removed
• Automatic terminal shutdown after expiry of an adjustable time

VMT9000 series  Vehicle terminals in the fifth generation
With its technologically advanced design and exceptional quality, the VMT9000 series is carrying on the tradition of award-winning ADS-TEC operating devices. The family of terminals and its wide range of features were developed specifically for the the target markets of logistics and agricultural and construction machinery on the basis for almost 40 years of industry-specific experience. The VMT9000 series is characterised by an especially robust design to ensure reliable function even under the most demanding conditions.

Product features

Sunlight readable
• Optimum readability in difficult visibility conditions
• Reliable functionality even outdoors

• Select between resistive and capacitive touch-screens
• Both touch-screen variants can be operated with gloves

• Extremely break- (IK08) and abrasion-resistant front sides
• IP66 certified
• Vibration and impact resistance acc. to class 5
• Resistant to a wide range of chemicals and UV radiation as well as adverse weather conditions
• Screwless design for simplified cleaning

Power supply
• Wide-range power adapter for flexibly connecting a 12 V,  24 V or 48 V power supply
• Input voltage range 9 - 72 V

Sensors & data security
• Automatic brightness adjustment
• Integrated proximity and acceleration sensor
• User identification via RFID
• Smartcard-secured VPN tunnel and integration in the ADS-TEC IoT service platform Big-LinX®

Radio – Wifi, Bluetooth, WWAN and GPS
• The latest Wifi standards for optimum roaming behaviour
• External antenna can be connected in the case of difficult transmission and reception conditions
• WWAN and GPS for outdoor applications
• Bluetooth for connecting scanners, etc.

• UPS function allows to work without interruption, even if the forklift battery needs to be replaced
• UPS integrated in the interface cover, making it easy to replace
• Provides power for approx. 20 - 30 minutes of operation

Ignition function on vehicles
• Terminal is switched on by means of ignition voltage
• The system is either disabled or shut down when the ignition key is removed


X-Remote Remote operation via Ethernet
For real-time operation of linked systems and processes ADS-TEC has developed a remote protocol, with which the user can remotely operate mobile or fixed thin client applications.

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Secure connection in the event that service should be necessary
With the ADS-TEC Big-LinX® IIoT client

With the Windows-based client, always stay securely connected to ensure smooth operation with the OPC series.  Secure connection by means of Smartcard-secured VPN tunnel. Software, firmware and bios are always kept up-to-date via the connection to the ADS-TEC Big-LinX IoT service platform.

ADS-TEC Services

ADS-TEC Service Packages Extended Warranty in Basic, Silver and Gold
For the coverage of technical failures, it is possible already to complete an extended service when buying a ADS-TEC Industrial IT product over the legal guarantee out. So is also a hedge against long-term maintenance costs due to technical failures realized.

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