Vehicle Terminals - VMT7000 series

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Terminals for industrial applications – stateof-the-art technology in innovative design
In the harsh environmental conditions encountered in everyday industrial use, ADS-TEC Terminals work reliably on vehicles and forklifts as well as in agricultural and construction machinery. Technology 100% made in Germany.

Compact design Well-proven and solid
• robust aluminium die-cast case and glass fiber reinforced synthetic blende provide the basis for
  robust solidity and most compact design.

Harsh conditions Never mind

• Front IP65 compliant - dust and water protected
• All interfaces are protected by a rubberized cabel gland

Wireless communication Invisibly connected
• Integrated WLAN module 802.11 (a/b/g/n) incl. diversity function for optimized reception
• Antennas for WLAN/RFID are integrated in the front panel in order to prevent
  destruction or theft
• LTE, GPS integrated
• WLAN, WWAN and GPS, connection for an external antenna possible
• Bluetooth 2.0 CLASS 1 and CLASS 2 optional

Varied display sizes Always the right sight
• 10.4" LED display resolution with 1024 x 768 pixels
• 12.1" TFT display resolution with 800 x 600 pixels
• 15.0" LED display resolution with 1024 x 768 pixels

Operating philosophy Direct and intuitive with touch control
• Default equipment: Resistive »five wire« industrial touchscreen with high accuracy levels
• LED status display and system status
• Well-proven system with 5 robust front keys

Front-USB Simply practical
• For servicing or connection for external peripheral devices
• Rubber sealed interface protection
• Front-USB (can be disabled by software)

Optimal performance For every application
• Powerful Intel Atom® dual core /
  quad-core processors
• Memory capacity maximum 8 GB DDR3 RAM

Mounting A good figure in every position
Practical brackets for vehicle, stacker, machinery and equipment mounting ensure secure grip and convenient variety of inclination by using Nord-Lock bolts
• Adapters are made from robust stainless steel
• Rittal pivot mounting (top / bottom)
• Bracket for VESA 75/100 Standard
• Desktop/vehicle mounting
• Angular mount

Acoustic perception Due to Audio
• Two integrated rear side speakers for stereo signal generator

Ease of servicing Without fans and easy to access
• Without fans based on the latest Intel Atom® processors
• Even under rough surroundings outdoors no failure of fans
• All interfaces are protected by a rubberized cabel gland on the reverse
  screwed service shaft

Operating systems The basis of your applications
Available operating systems for the VMT7000 series
• Windows® 7 Standard MUI
• Windows® 7 Ultimates FES MUI
• IGEL Linux

Connections Securely connected
• Strain relief for all cables
• 5 V power supply for connecting an external scanner selectable via switch

Ignition function A bright spark of an idea
When installed on board vehicles:
• Switch on together with the ignition
• System is blocked when the ignition key is removed
• Automatic terminal shutdown after expiry of an adjustable time

• COM 1 (RS232, shiftable 5V-supply)
• USB 2.0
• RJ 45 Ethernet (10/100/1000 MBit)
• DC IN - 24V DC +/– incl. Ign.-Function

Product features

RFID Identification Easy and secure
• RFID-Reader for user identification
• integrated RFID modules
• various transponder solutions for personal identification
• Available in two versions: RFID-units Legic and Mifare

Sunlight readability So that brightness doesn’t leave you blinded
• Reflections are reduced to a minimum
• Good readability, even with bright ambient light

Heating For extended temperature ranges
• Terminals optional available with heating
• For terminal operations in extreme conditions with up to -30 degree Celsius

Stacker terminals front keys Simply good
• Five front keys for comfortable control
• Soft keyboard activation
• Task switching per toggle key
• Programmable hotkey
• Right mouse key
• FN key for setting display brightness and volume per toggle key

VESA preparation
Extended mounting options
• Back-side VESA 75 preparation available
• For a simple direct mounting at VESA without an additional bracket

Additional pushbutton module Operation made easy
• Pushbuttons can freely be assigned and equipped
• Comfortable and fast access to basic functions
• Emergency button for immediate stop of machine or plant


Brackets Solid from the base up
• Different brackets available for use at different points of installation
• All adapters made from robust stainless steel and wear proof
• Locking terminals comfortable and safe in a large variety of inclination angles
  by Nord-Lock bolts

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Keyboard trays For an input as used to
• Mounting on standard holders of the terminals
• Trays made from robust stainless steel and wear proof
• Locking terminals comfortable and safe in a large variety of inclination angles by Nord-Lock bolts

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X-Remote Remote operation via Ethernet
For real-time operation of linked systems and processes ADS-TEC has developed a remote protocol, with which the user can remotely operate mobile or fixed thin client applications.

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Secure connection in the event that service should be necessary
With the ADS-TEC Big-LinX® IIoT client

With the Windows-based client, always stay securely connected to ensure smooth operation with the OPC series.  Secure connection by means of Smartcard-secured VPN tunnel. Software, firmware and bios are always kept up-to-date via the connection to the ADS-TEC Big-LinX IoT service platform.

ADS-TEC Services

ADS-TEC Service Packages Extended Warranty in Basic, Silver and Gold
For the coverage of technical failures, it is possible already to complete an extended service when buying a ADS-TEC Industrial IT product over the legal guarantee out. So is also a hedge against long-term maintenance costs due to technical failures realized.

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