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Services for Industrial IT products


Extended Warranty in Basic, Silver and Gold

In order to cover technical malfunctions it is possible, beyond the statutory warranty, to purchase an ADS-TEC industrial IT product for an extended service. In this way, it is possible to have longer-term protection against repair costs due to technical malfunctions.

With the Basic, Silver and Gold packages, defined reaction times can be specified for this repair, in order to keep the downtime as short as possible. These are calculated in working days (AT) from arrival of the Service Article at ADS-TEC until once again returned to the transport provider after successful repair, exclusive of any possible period subject to a cost estimate (for a repair outside of the guarantee service).

Through these packages you also receive access to the ADS-TEC technical support services (Helpdesk), reachable by telephone, email and web forms.

without service package
Protection against technical malfunctions -*
Contract term -* 36 / 60 months 36 / 60 months 36 / 60 months
Processing time for the industrial IT products in event of service 20 AT 10 AT 5 AT 3 AT
Protection against mechanical damages - - - -

Comprehensive protection “Full Comprehensive Coverage FCC”

Full Comprehensive Coverage is ADS-TEC’s industrial IT products equivalent of fully comprehensive car insurance, which also takes effect for a sudden and externally-caused defects such as falls or the mechanical destruction of a touchscreen. All repair costs are covered.

The Full Comprehensive Coverage (FCC) product has a period of 36 months from the delivery date. This allows optimum control of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This expended service product can be ordered in addition to the general service packages, Basic, Silver and Gold.

without service package
Assumption of repair costs
also for mechanical damages

*only contractually agreed warranty. Alterations and errors excepted.