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IRF1000 – Test it 60 days for free

The test kit IRF1000 contains: 1 x IRF1401, 1 x 3 pin RS485 connector, 1 x 4 pin DCIN +
  Digital IN Connector, 1 x IRF1000 Quickstart Guide, 1 x USB stick, 1 x 1m patch cable

• Questions about the test kit or the application? We will be happy to advise you at any time by
  calling +49 7022 2522-200 or sending an e-mail to

ADS-TEC test kit conditions

• After the test period has expired, you have the option to take over the device for a one-off

  special discount

• You can order one test kit per company

• Our terms and conditions apply

Industrial IT - IRF1000 test kit

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