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HMI Terminal - OPD8017/24

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The new monitor solutions Expand and reduce the essentials
With the new full-HD displays OPD8017 / 8024 as monitor solutions, a clear visualization of your process environment becomes possible. A simple connection to the computer environment is possible via the HDMI / DP display input and the existing USB 2.0 interface allows the connection of common USB peripherals. Technology 100% Made in Germany.

Compact design Proven and stable
• A galvanized sheet metal housing in combination with front glass thermally refined -
  Robust and stable is the basis for maximum stability and compactest design

Hard conditions Do not matter
• IP 65 front - protection against dust and humidity

Versatile display sizes For the right view
Two different screen sizes with LED backlight in the current widescreen format
• 17.3 "TFT LED backlight display with resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
• 23.8 "TFT LED backlight display with resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels

Flexible operation Latest multi-touch technology
• Multi-finger operation with PCAP Multi-Touch
• Simple and intuitive: drag, wipe, rotate, zoom
• Convenient operation of machines and systems

Digital monitor system Cable-connected connection of your existing application
• HDMI / DP display input for connecting your computer environment
• Connection of common USB peripherals via USB 2.0 interface
• Optional HDbaseT extension kit for 100 m display and USB transmission (can be retrofitted)

HDBaseT ™ Extender Kit The additional option for longer distances
Distances between computer and monitor to 100 m bridge through the extension with the HDBaseT ™ Extender Kit
• Extender kit consisting of receiver module for installation in the OPD and transmitter module for installation in the control cabinet

ADS-TEC Services

ADS-TEC Service Packages Extended Warranty in Basic, Silver and Gold
For the coverage of technical failures, it is possible already to complete an extended service when buying a ADS-TEC Industrial Computing product over the legal guarantee out. So is also a hedge against long-term maintenance costs due to technical failures realized.

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