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Firewalls and Router - IRF2000 series

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End-point security solution for systems and machines
Simple and intuitive to operate, the firewall deals with demanding security tasks and impresses when used as a remote maintenance centre or high-speed router in the switch cabinet. With the best-in-class equipment in CPU power and RAM memory, all models can be expanded with the Java™/OSGi™ service platform and therefore serve as the ideal basis for applications on the Internet of Things. Technology 100% Made in Germany.

IRF2000 series Product benefits
• Flexible configuration with two integrated gigabit switches (2 port / 4 port) or
   as 6-port IP router
• Integrated Mobile Option with 4G/LTE enables wireless Internet access
   all around the world
• Java™/OSGi™ service platform specification allows custom applications / apps to
  install on the device.

Compact design  Well-proven and solid
• Robust aluminium die-cast case
• Slim housing design for minimum space requirement
   in the cabinet
• Top-hat rail or VESA 75 installation

SIM card Configure plug & play
• The entire firewall configuration
   can be stored on a SIM card which you can
   purchase as an option
• The firewall automatically reads the SIM card contents at every boot
• The device is quickly and cost efficiently replaced
   without using any specialists

Alarms and key switches  Integration in
automation concepts

• The IRF2000 series have 24V DC inputs and outputs
• The user can simply use a key switch to initiate
   a remote maintenance – either by temporary suspension
   of the CUT & STOP command or directly via the VPN key input
• PLCs can manage the entire range of the router's functions
   via various software APIs

Six Gigabit Ethernet ports Flexible combination
• The WAN switch (2 ports) and LAN Switch (4 ports)
• Available as a 6 Port Router
• As a 6-port switch with Layer 3 filter

Flexible VPN support The feature for individualised solutions
• Support for all well-established methods for connecting
  machines via the Internet (IPsec/OVPN/Big-LinX)
• OpenVPN connections can be allocated to individual ports in a
  flexible way, or be tunnelled via existing proxy servers
• 1:1 NAT for simple establishment of complex networks, since
  each machine can be operated using the same IP without any

Remote maintenance from everywhere Global network
• The use of existing concepts for connecting the field engineers
  with the company network can be continued
• The service technician/engineer first connects with the home
  network, as usual, and then gets into the corresponding machine
  network via the home network

Multi-user Rights for parametrisation are determinable
• The integrated rights management system admits rights
  configuration for parametrisation (of devices) on user level

Expand with their own apps Integrated Java™ VM with OSGi™ service
platform specification

No matter whether your own web pages, condition monitoring of
equipment and machinery, protocol converter or own SMS applications
of the imagination has no limits
• Built-in Java™ VM with OSGi™ service platform specification
• Extensive device API (SDK) to any function of the device from the applications
   to operate out.
• Light Manholes by standard Java™ development environment (Eclipse) and
   extensive documentation and examples

Worldwide Mobile radio
The built-in with 4G option allows worldwide connections to the local
high-speed mobile phone network. Extensive software Supports as
fallback operation of Ethernet links
The Following demands required in three different forms:
• LTE MIMO space for the EU / Australia
• LTE MIMO for the region North America

ADS-TEC Remote Service on all of the world’s seas
Firewalls now with DNV GL certificate
The IRF2000 series is now also DNV GL certified for the safe operation of communications networks on all maritime systems and systems: in national and international shipping, shipbuilding, marine engineering and offshore wind farms, wind turbines.

Two variants based on the IRF2220 (with LTE) and IRF2200 (without LTE) are now available. Communication can take place by land over the cost-effective mobile network.

Interfaces Open for standards
Interfaces underneath the firewall:
• RJ45 Ehternet
• DC IN - 20V DC +/–
• Backup
• COM RS232

Product features

Big-LinX  IIoT Service Platform
• Big-LinX is an integrated VPN server with web portal, where all enquiries of remote maintenance accumulate from worldwide allocated IRF2000 VPN Routers
• Remote maintenance environments based on virtual machines can be fully integrated and assigned with the corresponding machine – every remote maintenance enquiry can be edited separately in every virtual machine

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ADS-TEC Services

ADS-TEC Service Packages Extended Warranty in Basic, Silver and Gold
For the coverage of technical failures, it is possible already to complete an extended service when buying a ADS-TEC Industrial IT product over the legal guarantee out. So is also a hedge against long-term maintenance costs due to technical failures realized.

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