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Firewalls and Routers - IRF1000 series

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The security solution for plant and machinery
Simple and intuitive to use, the firewall carries out demanding security tasks and is ideal for use as a remote maintenance centre or as a router in a control cabinet. By implementing IoT standards such as OPC UA and MQTT, the IRF1000 series offers a flexible platform for use in Industry 4.0. Technology 100% Made in Germany.

IRF1000 series  Product benefits
• Entry-level solution for the world of remote service and Industry 4.0
• Smartcard-based security concept
• Four 100 Mbit/s Ethernet ports
• Configuration wizard for easy installation
• Optional 4G/LTE mobile support for wireless Internet access

Compact design  The perfect combination of form and function
• Slim housing means it takes up minimal space requirements in
  the control cabinet
• Can be installed on a DIN rail

The Industrial Internet of Things - Industry 4.0  Collect and send data
• Integration of common IoT protocols
  (including OPC UA, ModbusRTU and ModbusTCP)
• Easily push data with Big-LinX
• Push data for predictive maintenance, machine
  learning and other big data applications
• Connection to any third party cloud via MQTT
• Built-in Docker technology provides class-leading flexibility

Memory card  Plug & Play configuration

• The entire firewall configuration can be stored
  on a memory card (available separately)
• The firewall automatically reads the contents
  of the memory card on start-up
• The device can be replaced quickly and cost-effectively,
  with no need to call a specialist

Key switch  Integration for automation concepts
• The IRF1000 series has a 24 VDC input
• The operator can easily initiate remote maintenance
  using a key switch
• Control units can control every aspect of router
  functionality using various software APIs

Flexible VPN support  The feature for individualised solutions
• Supports common methods of connecting machines via
  the Internet (OpenVPN, Big-LinX)
• OpenVPN connections can be flexibly assigned to
  individual ports or tunnelled using existing proxy servers

Multi-user capability  Restrict setup rights
• Integrated rights management allows device setup
  rights to be assigned at user level

Mobile communications  Worldwide
Optional built-in 4G/LTE allows connection to local high-speed mobile networks. The product package is rounded off by extensive software support, including redundant fallback for Ethernet links.
Available in two different versions to suit your requirements:
• LTE in Europe
• LTE in EMEA and North and South America

Interfaces  Open for standards
Interfaces underneath the firewall:
• DC IN 24V DC
• Factory default button
• 4 x RJ45 Ethernet
• 1 x Digital IN
• 2 x SIM card slot
• 1 x RS485

Product features

Big-LinX  IIoT Service Platform
• Big-LinX is an integrated VPN server with web portal, where all enquiries of remote maintenance accumulate from worldwide allocated IRF2000 VPN Routers
• Remote maintenance environments based on virtual machines can be fully integrated and assigned with the corresponding machine – every remote maintenance enquiry can be edited separately in every virtual machine

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IRF1000 test kit  60 days free trial
Take the chance and test the IRF1000 non-binding and free of charge for 60 days.

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ADS-TEC Services

ADS-TEC Service Packages Extended Warranty in Basic, Silver and Gold
For the coverage of technical failures, it is possible already to complete an extended service when buying a ADS-TEC Industrial IT product over the legal guarantee out. So is also a hedge against long-term maintenance costs due to technical failures realized.

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