Firewalls and Router
Maximum security for industrial networks


Firewalls and Router for secure remote services

The Internet is based on globally standardised communication standards. This common language opens up unimagined potential, but a significant amount of risk is also involved. With the ADS-TEC Firewalls in the IRF2000 series, you can communicate in a targeted way, monitor communication channels and prevent unwanted contact requests – both within the company and remotely via the Internet. Networks are protected in the best possible way using smartcard security. Trust in experience:ADS-TEC has been developing IT products entirely in-house for over 35 years, with long-term availability. Technologie 100% made in Germany.

OSGi™ is a trademark or registered trademark of the OSGi Alliance in the United States, other Countries or both. Java™ is a registered trademark of Oracle and / or its affiliates.

Industrial VPN-Router & Firewall
• mobile radio router,
   with 4G / LTE option
• Up to 6x 1 GBit
• Multi-user enabled
• More effective
   Machine protection
• Remote Portal Big-LinX
• With Java ™ / OSGi ™

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