Big-LinX® IoT-Service-Plattform
Basis for remote maintenance and much more


Big-LinX® IoT-Service Platform

The secure basis for Industry 4.0

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Specifications & Scope
General User interface Webportal
Supported firewalls IF2000 series, x86-based PCs
Hosting Data center in Germany
VPN Protocol OpenVPN
Encoding GlobalPlatform Java Smartcard, RSA 2048, x509 certifecates
Accessibility Unique domain over port 443
Client-side installation Big-LinX Client, USB Smartcard Token
Webportal Access security Login with user name and password SSL
Site2Site Kanal channel encryption: IPsec
Supported remote sites: Juniper, Cisco, Checkpoint, and much more.
Separation: separate virtual router appliance for each Big-LinX customer instance.
User Management Independently by Administrator
Maximum number of users unlimited
User groups Figure of departments and company structures through user groups
User permissions Detailed assignment of permissions
Individualization Implementation of Clients Corporate Design by webportal skins
Supported browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox. Chrome in current version
Service Service Desk Display of active service requests
Explorer Big-LinX Explorer for mapping of individual corporate structures and installations
Status and cost control Cost control Exportable traffic in the portal
Status Overview of all connected VPN participants
Condition Monitoring Interfaces: freedom and flexibility to communicate with Java / OSGi directly from the IRF2000 with the controls and equipment.

Transmission: With the WWH Data Push a smart card is secure ready. It is independent of a VPN channel data, and may transmit one-way out of the system to a central transfer database. The WWH channel proudly presents the HTTPS / TLS Long-polling connection with LZO Kompremmierung while the technically most efficient and safe communication channel for such purposes ready.

Database: MySQL Central 2 GB Transfer Database with web interface for defining your own table structures to match the equipment. In addition, the MySQL TCP port 3306 are available to that data into your ERP skim and evaluate system.