Big-LinX® IIoT Service Platform
Basis for remote maintenance and much more


Remote Maintenance at its finest

Secure and well-prepared for the future with the Big-LinX® Connectivity Platform

The industry is subject to constant change. Manufacturers are faced with the issues of productivity and lowering running costs. Due to the continuing globalization, products are now used across the planet. This causes additional costs in the area of maintenance.
Service assignments often require travel and can cause extended downtime. In addition, the increasing complexity of technical systems turns maintenance into a significant challenge. It cannot be assumed that suitable and skilled staff is always available on site.

Knowledge is critical – knowledge from the past, in the current situation and in the future ahead. For these reasons, remote maintenance is an important means to reducing costs and minimizing maintenance intervals. The combination of onsite data and internal knowledge can create additional knowledge that leads to a competitive advantage. Remote maintenance is based on remote access using commonly used and secure IT-protocols to carry out maintenance work or access data. This is usually done with highly available portal systems in combination with robust industry network components (routers, firewalls) to establish and manage connections. It’s important to stipulate which service technician may connect to which target system (e.g. machine) and what access privileges he has. The portal can also be used to govern a regular maintenance schedule.

Added value through IT security

Security is a critical factor when it comes to access and communication. Companies have a significant interest in protecting sensitive data exchanged between a technician and a machine against third-party access.

And this is exactly where the ADS-TEC solution provides a crucial benefit. As a well-known IT-specialist, ADS-TEC offers a high-level security system with the recognized crypto smartcard technology known from other sensitive applications, as well as the company’s own, cloud-based “Big-LinX®” portal. ADS-TEC uses “industrial routers and firewalls” (IRFs) as connecting elements, allowing for M2M communication and establishing secure connections to machines via VPN very quickly. Since secure authentication and hardware certificates are used in addition to encrypted VPN connections, the user can be protected very effectively against outside attacks.

Other services enable the usage of distributed OSGi™ applications on IRFs (shown as red boxes in the image above), connection to superior IT-systems and databases, as well as alarming, monitoring and administration of complex architectures and multiple clients.

Overall, Big-LinX offers crucial benefits to industrial customers, such as sustainably lowering total costs of ownership, a secure protection of data and connections, the expansion of new services through increasing integration into industry 4.0, reducing downtime, improving utilization and quality, and scalability of individual machines as well as widely networked plants and systems.

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