Big-LinX® IIoT Service Platform
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Big-LinX® IIoT Service Platform

The secure basis for Industry 4.0

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Big-LinX is a versatile and scalable IoT service platform which provides high-performance modular solutions for a wide variety of different IoT applications. The secure connection of decentralised systems, the management of distributed gateways as well as comprehensive services for data collection, forwarding and monitoring make a major contribution to the implementation of complex Industry 4.0 architectures in local and global networks. With the Big-LinX Entry starter package, available free of charge, you can perform extensive testing of your IoT solution. Technologie 100% Made in Germany.

Big-LinXThe Remote Service Cloud
•  Integrated VPN server
• Web portal for centralized management
• services central data acquisition

Big-LinXAdvantages for the supplier
•  Considerable reduction of onsite costs
• Efficient deployment planning
• Pre-configured firewall ex factory
• System information is provided automatically for service purposes
•  Virtual machines provide pre-configured remote maintenance environments
•  Highest security via SmartCard Securit

Big-LinXAdvantages for the end customer
•  Higher system availability
• Cost reduction for service and maintenance
• Extremely straightforward operation
• Initiation of service enquiry by the customer only, e.g. via key switch
•  No elaborate IT integration to machines required
• The service technician receives the service enquiry via the firewall and can start remote maintenance of the machine via the Big-LinX portal from anywhere in the world

Big-LinXRemote maintenance at its Finest
Learn more here in a detailed expert report on the added value of a secure remote maintenance and remote diagnostics with Big-LinX of ADS-TEC.

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 Remote maintenance 
• Central management of all connected remote-maintenance customers
• Overview of the currently pending service requests
• Worldwide accessibility to the remote-maintenance portal via Big-Linx
• Access via PC and installed web browser
• Maximum security by using certificates with 1024-bit encryption

Device Management
• Universal firmware updates of the IRF2000 series firewalls
• Detailed inventory information for management of IRF2000 devices (serial number, firmware version, device type)
• Intuitive user interface for device inventory creation and to enable the update process to be performed centrally via Big-LinX

Data Monitoring
• Detection of sensor and control conditions through direct communication with the cloud-based database of Big-LinX
• Evaluation and analysis of the transmitted data
• Visualisation of the data in the web browser of the local computer
• Alarm if the measurement upper limits or lower limits are exceeded

X-Remote® Global Local Remote Operation
• Stationary or mobile remote operation of systems worldwide
• Direct operation in near real-time
• Maximum security through smart card technology and VPN tunnel
• Can be called directly from the IoT service platform Big-LinX (fully integrated)

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Predictive Maintenance
• Big-Linx provides the necessary connectivity for monitoring and analysing plant and system conditions
• Creation of customer-specific analyses and triggering of corresponding events

VPN rendezvous server Secure connections worldwide
• Web portal with integrated VPN rendezvous server for securely connecting participants located around the world via the Internet
• Secure connections to Big-LinX via OpenVPN with ADS-TEC's IRF2000 series industrial firewalls or via the Big-LinX Client on any x86-based PCs
• Maximum security through SmartCard technology
• No complicated IT configuration – a simple PC with Internet connection is sufficient for the VPN connection with Big-LinX (outgoing connections only)
• In the Big-LinX web portal, individual communication partners can be connected to one another quickly and easily

World Wide Heartbeat (WWH) Communication and status reporting made easy
• With World Wide Heartbeat (WWH), ADS-TEC offers a communication protocol that reports the availability of the firewall to the Big-LinX Cloud
• Status monitoring and status reporting of the installed firewalls
• Authentication and identification with SmartCard certificate
• Status of all firewalls (WWH and VPN) visible in the Big-LinX Explorer
• Upon activation of the WWH on the firewall, it sends a “sign of life” to the Big-LinX Server in a defined interval
• Interval definition, (de-)activation of VPN connection as well as the ability to call up the history of WWH- and VPN-connections via the Big-LinX Explorer

Big-LinX security concept The foundation of all Remote Services
• Architecture of and technologies used by the Remote Service Cloud support the highest requirements for data security and system stability
• Operation of the Big-LinX Cloud in the German data centre
• Guarantee of secure operation through UPS, security sensors and access controls
• Use of security-compliant hardware for preventing failures
• Separate databases and portal instances are available to every Big-LinX portal customer
• Big-LinX stands for technology 100% made in Germany

SmartCard security State-of-the-art technology for maximum security
• Use of SmartCards for positive authentication on the Big-LinX Server
• Encryption and signing of communication channels and data
• Big-LinX SmartCards cannot be copied or read
• Additional security by means of PIN (FIPS 140-2 Level3)
• Integrated x.509-based certificate with 1024-bit private key

Big-LinX Explorer The face of the Remote Service Cloud
• Representation of machines and firewalls in clearly organised tree structure
• Visualisation of the customer-specific infrastructure including all locations and production facilities around the world
• Administration structure can be individually adapted and expanded
• Clear assignment of privileges and location accesses for the service technician, should service be necessary
• Integrated comment system for storing information
• Virtual document storage system for storing operating instructions, installation diagrams, data sheets, etc.

Administration of users and privileges Simple and customisable by means of drag & drop
• Individual administration of users and groups as well as of their access privileges
• Creation of any number of users and groups
• Assignment of users to one or more groups by means of drag & drop
• Individual storage of address and contact data, language, password and SmartCard for each user
• Information regarding recent activities and procedures in the portal can be called up
• Assignment of permissions by means of drag & drop
• Mapping of company structures and departments through the creation of groups

Site2Site channel - connect your own core network infrastructure
• central IPsec-based connection between one's own Big-LinX VPN network in which all Big-LinX router, users and VMs are and their own company.
• To provide a central Served as license servers, databases, file servers or Internet resources.

Worldwide Distributed Data acquisition with WWH Data Push
• Own Java™/OSGi™ apps in the Fireall collect data from the system, to synchronize with Big-LinX.
• The open Java Programierumgebung allows a variety of systems interfaces such as Modbus / TCP, file transfer or propritäre protocols.
• Efficient, Easy and Secure transfer: WWH Data Push is easy to send one of the apps out to verwendente unidirectional interface to the data even
  without a VPN channel to transfer the database in Big-LinX.
• Easy data retrieval from the Transferdatenabk for further processing in their own ERP systems or databases
• Encryption of sensitive data directly to the firewall with possible subsequent encrypted deployment in the cloud