StoraXe® Rack System
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StoraXe Rack System - SRS series

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StoraXe® Cabinet and shelf version

Lithium-ion battery storage systems Industrial & Infrastructure
The StoraXe® Industrial & Infrastructure product portfolio addresses the area of larger systems and infrastructures. Powers and storage capacities cover ranges between 50 kW/50 kWh and multiple MW/MWh. The modular structure and the comprehensive IT management system provide a system with nearly unlimited scaling.

StoraXe-Rack-System Use cases
Limiting the power consumption from the public grid
• Proportional supply of dynamic loads from storage
• Fixed or dynamic limiting of the power consumption

Limiting the feed-in power into the public grid
• With the help of the storage,the power fed into the grid can be limited according to a dynamic trend or by a fixed value. In this way, feed-in directives can be  satisfied or personal operating strategies implemented

Optimisation of own consumption
• The self-produced energy is distributed overtime with the aid of the storage system in such a way that the desired percentage of produced energy is directly consumed by oneself and is not fed back into the grid

UPS and isolated function
• Black start capacity and network formation by the system
• Online UPS supply of consumers in the event of power failure

Grid services
• Power bank / local storage
• Frequency, voltage, power factor correction
• Primary and secondary control power

Safety is always in the foreground
• Safety and formal certifications/standards are very important at ads-tec. This begins with the cell and continues with the modules and the complete system
• Data security and access protection are also extremely important. An integrated hardware firewall including router and a security concept that is based on hardware certificates offer modern, recognised and tamperproof protection

StoraXe storage solutions
• Scalable battery system
• Voltages can be determined from the number of series-connected modules
• »Battery string« or »battery cluster« consisting of several parallel strings
• Supplied as storage components or as a complete system with power
  electronics (inverter)
• Optional:Design support and energy management software

Power electronics and inverters Various combinations from renowned manufacturers
Power electronics and inverters Various combinations from renowned manufacturers Battery systems from ADS-TEC can be combined with all common converters. This allows ADS-TEC battery systems to be connected directly to lowvoltage and medium-voltage mains networks. Typical power ranges are 50 kW to 1.8 MW per unitt

Use cases

Peak load capping
Reduce operating energy costs by cutting load peaks.

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Storage of excess energy for time-shifted self-consumption.

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Emergency power supply
Provision of power in the event of an interruption of the mains supply.

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Primary control power
For the power supply to work everywhere, the grid frequency must always be constant.

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Microgrid (Off-Grid)
For a self-sufficient power supply independent of the higher-level power grid.

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EV charging
At limited power grid for optimal charging infrastructure.

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Big-LinX® Energy  For centralized and decentralized energy management
From the OFFLINE version of a decentralized single system to complex ONLINE-coupled interconnection systems. With the ADS-TEC platform Big-LinX® Energy, the energy management system is scalable for every application.

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