StoraXe PowerBooster
Compact outdoor battery system in the distribution network


StoraXe® PowerBooster

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GSS1212 GSS2824
System System Type AC container storage system
Control / functions ADS-TEC energy apps
Network connection Ethernet, RJ45
Inverter integrated
Grid connection Effective power 100 kW 280 kW
Apparent power 120 kVA 280 kVA
Mains voltage 400 VAC 400 VAC
Grid typ 3-phase, TN 3-phase, TN
Grid frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz
Battery storage system Battery Technology Lithium-ion Lithium-ion
Nominal energy content 122.2 kWh 244.4 kWh
Capacity 159 Ah 318 Ah
Battery Cells Cell capacity 53 Ah
Cell chemistry Lithium-NMC
Specified cycles to 80% of residual capacity 13,000 (2C/2C at 23 °C with 80 % DOD)
General information Installation location Outdoors, integrated climate control Outdoors, integrated climate control
Temperature range -15 to 40 °C -15 to 40 °C
Humidity <90%, Non-condensing <90%, Non-condensing
Protection class battery room IP54 IP54
Protection class cabinet IP44 IP44
Dimensions L x W x H 1.770 x 2.320 x 1.880 mm 1.650 x 2.320 x 2.740 mm
Weight Approx 5.5 t Approx 7.8 t
Guarantee of current market value (battery cells) up to 10 years up to 10 years
Standards EU harmonized standards:
EN 50272-1: 2010, EN 50581: 2012
Additionally compliant with regulations / application rules:
VDE-AR-E-2510-2, VDE-AR-N-4105 (only in connection with the declaration of conformity for theInverters BAT0100 from WStech), UN 38.3 (at battery module level)

* See data sheet of the cell manufacturer