StoraXe PowerBooster
Compact outdoor battery system in the distribution network


StoraXe® PowerBooster

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Additional value due to optimal network use Quick charging directly in distribution networks
Quick charging stations with high capacity are an important component of the electromobility infrastructure. Sufficient power capacity for the connection of quick charging stations is not always available. The ADS-TEC battery system, the PowerBooster, provides high capacity for the charging process while energy is recharged at the available network connection point at low power. This not only saves time, but also eliminates the need for elaborate medium-voltage systems, building cost subsidies or expensive network expansion.

Areas of application
• PowerBooster for the supply of quick charging stations in
  limited-power distribution networks
• “District storage” for local, physical network services such
  as peak capping, reactive power, etc.
• “Current bank” as a district alternative to individual
  home storage systems for the optimisation of
  individual consumption
• “Swarm solution” through the networking of many
  decentralised modules into powerful clusters, operated
  in a virtual power plant or in a superordinate energy
  management system
• “Operating options” such as peak capping, frequency
  regulation, dynamic flexibility yield, reactive power, etc.

Additional value
• Easy to transport
• Installation outside directly at the site
• Compact form with powerful technology
• Integrated inverter with battery, energy
  management unit, security / firewall and
  communication unit via mobile radio
• Direct AC connection to distribution networks at
  400 V level
• Simple installation and set-up
• Quick integration into virtual power plants and
  external IT systems
• Open interfaces for individual adaptation in projects

Network services Decentralised flexibility
In addition to the function of the PowerBoosters, the decentralised battery systems can be installed as grid service stations nearly anywhere and outside directly at the site, and can be connected to 400 V distribution networks. Additional functions such as voltage stability, delay for optimum bandwidth utilisation of the network, frequency regulation, reactive power supply or peak capping are possible. It is for exactly these distribution networks which get temporarily overloaded due to renewable supply that flexible power solutions are highly in demand in order to better utilise existing networks. Via the ADS-TEC Cloud Big-LinX, distributed storage systems can be monitored, safely coupled and integrated into superordinate systems and virtual power plants of the customers..

StoraXe® PowerBooster High capacity for EV-FastCharger for limited-power network connections
The electromobility sector is growing - otherwise it will not be possible to comply with future emission limits. Hundreds of thousands or even millions of e-vehicles need a charging infrastructure which can ensure supply of new energy in a reasonable amount of time.

Quick charging stations and vehicles can charge up with energy in even shorter times. The ADS-TEC PowerBooster supplies the necessary power so the network connection does not become a bottleneck, and eliminates the need to expand the network, saving a huge amount of time and money.

While the PowerBooster charges slowly and with limited capacity, it can transfer its energy to the vehicle in a very short amount of time.

StoraXe® PowerBooster Providing power for EV-Fast-Charger-Stations
Example for the connection of the PowerBooster in a charging infrastructure
• Compact construction
• Installation outside directly at the site
• Direct AC connection to distribution networks at 400 V level
• Recharging with reduced grid connection power
• Suitable for vehicle quick charging station with high charging power

Product features

PowerBooster in the charging infrastructure
Utilise high charging capacity despite limited network capacity. Fill up with cheap energy with limited capacity and systematically output at high capacity.

PowerBooster For the provision of network services
Whether networked or in individual cases, reactive power, frequency regulation, peak capping, etc. can be provided anywhere.

Grid services station As district storage systems
Efficient and a service to the community. District storage systems as an alternative to home storage systems with added value in use.

Use cases

Peak load capping
Reduce operating energy costs by cutting load peaks.

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Storage of excess energy for time-shifted self-consumption.

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Emergency power supply
Provision of power in the event of an interruption of the mains supply.

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Primary control power
For the power supply to work everywhere, the grid frequency must always be constant.

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Microgrid (Off-Grid)
For a self-sufficient power supply independent of the higher-level power grid.

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EV charging
At limited power grid for optimal charging infrastructure.

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Big-LinX® Energy  For centralized and decentralized energy management
From the OFFLINE version of a decentralized single system to complex ONLINE-coupled interconnection systems. With the ADS-TEC platform Big-LinX® Energy, the energy management system is scalable for every application.

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