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StoraXe® Mobile High Power Charger

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Mobile High Power Charger
System Interchangeable bridge with battery-buffered DC charging stations and upwardly hinged side walls
Grid connection Mains voltage 400 V AC
Grid type 3-phase (3L + N + PE), TN-S
Grid frequency 50 Hz 1 x to 6 x 125 A CEE without RCD (up to 500 kW recharging capacity)
Acceptance report According to IEC60364
Connection line H07RN-F 5G50
Charging technology Charging points 10 Pcs. (5 Pcs. on each side)
Simultaneous charging Up to 10 vehicles
Plug type CCS2 (liquid cooled), motor driven
Charging capactiy Up to 320 kW per charging point
Charging voltage 200 - 920 V DC
Charging power 0 - 400 A DC at each charging point (Pmax = 320 kW)
Battery cells Cell capacity 120 Ah
Cell chemistry Lithium NMC
Nominal content 1.9 MWh
General data Installation location Outdoor
Temperature range -20 ° C to +45 ° C
Humidity <90%, non-condensing
Dimensions L x W x H 11,000 x 2,550 x 4,000 mm
Weight (trailer only) Approx. 32 t
Noise emission ~ 70 dB
Max. installation height 2000 m above sea level
Soil conditions Tarred or concrete surface (max. 3% gradient)
Required ground area 25 x 20 m
Standards Additionally compliant with regulations / application rules:
VDE-AR-E-2510-2, UN 38.3 (transport directive for lithium batteries)