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Charging technology in a new dimension


StoraXe® Mobile High Power Charger

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Mobile High Power Charging  Charging technology in a new dimension
The Mobile High Power Charger is the world's most powerful mobile high power charging system  in the form of a truck trailer. Ten electric vehicles can charge simultaneously with 320 kW each  in a couple of minutes at the 1.9 MWh trailer. Its functionality is designed to also charge larger vehicles fleets in preferably short time at locations with limited power supply. The compact and flexible concept enables fast assembly and disassembly

Charging times In relation
The comparison between a conventional charging station (50 kW) and a charging point at ADS-TEC Mobile High Power Charger (320 kW) underlines the high charging capacity and charging comfort through short  waiting periods.

StoraXe® Mobile High Power Charger  Application areas
• Power and energy supply
• Temporary charging infrastructure High Power Charging
• during holiday periods on high-traffic routes  
• for driving events of electrified vehicles  
• for marketing or press events  
• as a charging opportunity at festivals

StoraXe® Mobile High Power Charger  Added values
• Flexible installation
• Individual planning for customer events
• »Around-the-clock« support and on-site service included
• Local HMI (energy flow, charging condition, analysis)
• Cloud monitoring integrated
• Security for future planning due to high charging power
  as well as variable power and voltage range

StoraXe® Mobile High Power Charger  Components for maximum performance
• Integrated inverter, air-conditioning, energy management unit, security / firewall as  well as communication
  unit via mobile radio and DC-charging technology
• Direct AC connection to the 400 V distribution grid
• Fast integration and adaption to customer projects
• Use of conventional truck
• Maximum total vehicle weight of 40 tons not exceeded

Required ground area

Big-LinX® Energy 
At a glance

Enables monitoring of each charging point on every location.

StoraXe® system modules  Longtime experience
With high power density, the modules ensure the fast supply of the particular charging points. Developed in Germany and desgined for a permanent transportability.

CCS2 plug
For maximum performance

Integrated access points from plug type CCS2 enable high charging capacities up to 320 kW.

Use cases

EV charging
At limited power grid for optimal charging infrastructure.

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Big-LinX® Energy  For centralized and decentralized energy management
From the OFFLINE version of a decentralized single system to complex ONLINE-coupled interconnection systems. With the ADS-TEC platform Big-LinX® Energy, the energy management system is scalable for every application.

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