StoraXe® HPC Booster / Dispenser

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High Power Charging 320 kW charging capacity on limited-power distribution grid
A charging capacity of up to 320 kW for e-vehicles, without intervention in the limited distribution grid – this is provided by the new HPC booster with HPC dispenser as a storage-based fast-charging system. Connection of one to two charging stations with 160 or 320 kW capacity.

StoraXe® HPC-Booster  Energy storage and energy conversion
• Designed for all voltage levels of on-board traction power systems – downward compatibility for existing e-vehicles from 200 V as well as future-proof compatibility for upcoming vehicles up to 920 V
• Integrated inverter, climate control, energy management unit, security / firewall and communication unit via mobile radio
• Direct AC connection to distribution grids at 400 V level

StoraXe® HPC-Dispenser  Fast-charging station for e-vehicles
• Up to 320 kW charging capacity per dispenser
• Low-noise charging – also ideal for residential areas
• Charging socket positions easily reached thanks to high attachment point of the cable
• Liquid-cooled charging cable
• Suitable for plug types CCS2
• Integrated 10-inch touch-screen as user interface
• Optional: Energy measurement by means of calibrated DC meter



Use cases

EV charging
At limited power grid for optimal charging infrastructure.

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Big-LinX® Energy  For centralized and decentralized energy management
From the OFFLINE version of a decentralized single system to complex ONLINE-coupled interconnection systems. With the ADS-TEC platform Big-LinX® Energy, the energy management system is scalable for every application.

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