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StoraXe-Rack-System - System

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SRS2019 SRS2028 SRS2047
Power supply Three-phase, PE and N 400 VAC
Mains frequency 50 Hz
Photovoltaic junction AC coupling
Inverter / charger electronics Three Phase 400 VAC
Performance 20 kVA
Alone grid / backup network three phases including N conductor / neutral point . 400 V / 230 VAC
Black start capability Yes
Performance with crest factor 1.5 20 kVA
Crest factor max. 3
Maximum difference 100% (6.7 kVA per phase)
ENS Internal or external (according to VDE-AR-N 4105)
Battery cell chemistry* Lithium NMC
Cell type Lithium NMC
Cell manufacturer SKI
Nominal System Capacity* 18.6 kWh 27.9 kWh 47 kWh
Specified Vollzyklen1C / 1C @ 20 °C to 26 °C at 80 % DOD * 13,000
Expected calendrical lifetime* 20 years
Energy Manager Energy Management System ADS-TEC EMS integrated Energy-APPs, Big-Linx® ready
Operation and visualization standard web browser, iOS app, Android app
Security / IT Hardware Firewall / - routers Storage Rack Controller SRC1000 series integrated
Hardware Certificate SmartCard
Local network connection Ethernet RJ45
Security Physical security of the battery storage ADS-TEC battery management system with redundant monitoring in hardware and software, electrical isolation of power and communication, fault protection
Energy meter / smart meter connection External connection Ethernet or RS485
Environmental conditions temperature range (longlife) +10 °C to +30 °C
Protection IP42
Humidity <90 % non-condensing
Warranty statute of limitations 24 months
Function and durability In conjunction with a Big-Linx® service contract up to 10 years
Standards EMC: EN 61000-6-2; EN 61000-6-3
Security (functionally and electrically): EN 61010-1; EN 50272-2
Transport: UN38.3 transport regulations for lithium batteries
insulation and fire protection: DIN EN 60664-1, VDE 0110-1, DIN VDE 0298-4, VDE 0471 DIN EN 60695-11 -10 and -20
network guidelines: VDE ARN-4105

* See data sheet of the cell manufacturer