Energy Management System


Big-LinX® Energy solution for central and decentralised energy management From the OFFLINE version of a decentralised individual system to complex, interconnected ONLINE-coupled systems
With the ADS-TEC Big-LinX® Energy platform, the energy management system can be scaled for any application type. Recognised and highest IT security standards enable distributed energy systems, swarm applications, the integration in virtual power plants and complex hybrid power plants. Thanks to modern OSGi framework technology, applications can be executed locally or centrally in the cloud. Various standard ADS-TEC apps provide the basis for common tasks such as peak-shaving, self-consumption optimisation or emergency power. Individual applications are easy to adapt on the platform.

Local Energy Management System - EMS

StoraXe® Residential with EMS The local Energy Management System
EMS is the local Energy Management System for simple and intelligent control of the StoraXe®
Residential. Control takes place via Energy APPs.
• Pre-installed Energy APPs offer extensive options for configuring according to requirements
• Priority definition for the optimum control of the StoraXe® system
• Operation and visualisation via PC, tablet or smartphone (in the home environment)
• Big-LinX® ready for connection to the Big-LinX® Energy Cloud and, thus, even more innovative
  and unlimited applications for the operation of an energy storage system

Big-LinX® Cloud Energy Management

Big-LinX® Energy The cloud solution for monitoring the StoraXe® system from anywhere
For all dealers and professional users who want to be able to know the current state of their StoraXe®
system at any time.
• Simple login to the Big-LinX® Energy web portal for full access to the EMS
• Global access to the energy storage system via smart card secured VPN
• Maximum security for your data based on hosting in a German data centre
• Administration and management of all installed Battery systems via a central Big-LinX® Energy access point
• Determination of the optimum storage size with Big-LinX® Energy Simulation
• Additional intelligent storage applications are available in Big-LinX® Energy

Big-LinX® Energy and local energy management system EMS Energy apps for dynamic implementation of your personal storage management
• Extensive possibilities for configuring and running predefined energy apps according to requirements
• Arrangement of the energy apps incl.priority definition for optimum control of the system operating mode on-site
• Operation via PC,tablet or smartphone
• Control of consumers and generating plants
• Interconnection solution for distributed storage systems

Big-LinX® Energy Simulation The tool for system and plant design
• Statements about component scaling and system design when considering an individual investment
• Simulation and calculation of individual issues such as personal consumption rate, limiting of power consumption,
emergency-power supply, battery or PV system size under different boundary conditions
•  Integration of real or modelled load profiles and production profiles

Big-LinX® Energy Monitoring & Reporting Always be on guard and know what's going on
• Monitoring and reporting around the clock, 365 days a year
• Notification via e-mail, text message or similar services
• Alarm and message system for critical system states or predefined conditions
• Evaluations and statistics on results, processes and summaries

Big-LinX® Energy Security Privacy and system security
• Storage systems are sophisticated and complex systems. Undesired access or even tampering must be prevented not only for liability-related or privacy reasons
• Big-LinX Security with smart card technology offers high and recognised security standards on the basis of copy-proof
hardware certificates, like those used in bank and mobile phone cards

Big-LinX® Energy Programming Implementation of individual programs and business intelligence
• Your own individual programs can be created on the basis of an OSGi framework. These may run either in the cloud or decentrally in the controllers of the battery systems
• Build your own »individual internet of energy«

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