Commercial & Industrial
Base modules for industrial large-scale storage solutions


The StoraXe® Commercial & Industrial product portfolio addresses the area of larger systems and infrastructures. Powers and storage capacities cover ranges between 50 kW/50 kWh and multiple MW/MWh. The modular structure and the comprehensive IT management system provide a system with nearly unlimited scaling.

StoraXe Rack System

Energy Storage Rack
• up to 112 kWh per unit
• Scalable battery system
• Optional EMS software

StoraXe Container System

Storage Container Solutions
• up to 2.4 MWh per container
• In standard 10-, 20-, 40- foot container
• Scalable battery system
• Individual design
• Turnkey storage solution
• Optional EMS software

StoraXe PowerBooster

Compact Outdoor Battery System
• up to 240 kWh per container
• Scalable battery system
• Individual interpretation
• Easy to transport
• Optional EMS software









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