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Safely use high energy densities – With competence and experience


Safety and risks of systems with a high density of stored energy Technology and processes made in Germany
In extreme cases, high energy densities can always be released in an uncontrolled manner. Nevertheless, gas, hydrogen and millions of mobile petrol tanks are an accepted part of our day-to-day infrastructure. We trust these »made in Germany« systems, because research, development, safety analyses, standards and constant quality assurance have maximised the benefit and minimised the risk. This process also applies for battery storage solutions from ADS-TEC.


Lithium-ion batteries Many years of experience
• Since 2004, ADS-TEC has been developing and supplying intelligent lithium-ion batteries for the automotive industry   and medical technology
• The intelligent battery management system (BMS) has been developed and implemented in hardware and software by ADS-TEC
• Formal international certifications and worldwide operation
• The experience from more than 100.000 battery packs in operation worldwide is the basis of our continued development work

100% depth of development Detailed expertise
• Development of everything from electronics, mechanics and software to complete systems takes place in-house
• ADS-TEC has comprehensive, state-of-the-art laboratory and testing facilities
• Many years of research and development work lead to special results in important points such as cell bonding and cooling
• Multi-stage and redundant monitoring equipment ensures safe shutdown and monitored operation on module and system level

Final assembly, logistics and service Under one roof
• Based on highly integrated, IT-driven processes, material flow, final assembly, tests and services take place in a modern and optimised infrastructure
• Key process steps of module assembly take place on automation lines developed by ADS-TEC for this purpose
• Final assembly and testing are monitored and documented with the aid of »in-line« measurement methods and processes

Quality and certification The basis of all high-end products
• Selected technologies from renowned cell manufacturers
• Extensive tests in in-house laboratory facilities
• High requirements through system-guided development, production and inspection processes
• Each cell is individually measured and tested automatically prior to installation
• Documentation of all relevant parameters and components during the manufacturing process
• External tests in accredited test laboratories

Projects and partners

Partners and networks Strong together, a good feeling
• Together with many other representatives, ADS-TEC has been involved for years in networks and associations that work   intensively and precompetitively with the entire value creation chain of lithium-ion battery systems
• Universities, institutes and research facilities are involved as are renowned specialist from the areas of basic materials, component development, production, testing, certification, use, market design, risk analysis and disposal

Research projects Investment in the future
• ADS-TEC is one of the participating partners in numerous research projects funded by the federal and state governments
• Working together with research facilities and industry partners, new technologies and processes are developed and   tested
• Results and knowledge flow into further product development, into processes as well as into testing, inspection and   approval procedures