ID.3 Germany tour with world record

ADS-TEC supports successful marathon drive

Rainer Zietlow and Dominic Brüner have reached their destination with the ID.3 (Photo: Social Media Team ID3)

Rainer Zietlow and Dominic Brüner have reached their destination with the ID.3 (Photo: Social Media Team ID3)

The long-distance drivers Rainer Zietlow and Dominic Brüner achieved the goal of the ID.3 Germany tour and secured the world record for the longest continuous drive through a country in an electric vehicle. ADS-TEC supported the fully electric record drive as a sponsor and welcomed the ID.3 team on 21 October in Nuertingen. Thomas Speidel, CEO of ADS-TEC, demonstrated the innovative fast charging system HPC at the VW ID.3 Pro S of the world record holders.

28,198 kilometres, 652 charging stations, 65 days - the tour has tested extensively the long-distance suitability of e-vehicles and the charging infrastructure in Germany. Zietlow notes: "You can see that e-mobility is an important topic and that there is a big interest". With the increasing number of electric car models and focus on e-mobility, the pressure to expand charging infrastructure will also increase.

Testing the suitability for daily use of a fully electric vehicle

After two months across Germany, the world record holder draws a positive result about everyday life with an e-vehicle and refers to the change in mobility behaviour: "It is different from the classic trip to the gas station. You charge whenever you can, no matter where you are, and look for a parking space where you can charge".  The HPC from ADS-TEC already offers refuelling of e-vehicles close to the usual fuel stop. The storage-based system enables fast electricity refuelling anywhere on the normal distribution grid. Therefore, a costly network expansion as with similar charging systems is not necessary.

The Germany tour started on September 28th at the southernmost hotel in Germany near Oberstdorf and ended at the northernmost parking lot in Germany, west of List on Sylt. The world record holders support the SOS Children's Village in Bernburg/Saale with part of the advertising revenues. During a stop at their housing project Zietlow presented a donation of 2,500€.

Partners of the marathon drive are ADS-TEC, Alpitronic, CAR-connect, E.ON Drive, Hankook Reifen, hastobe, Infineon Technologies, MOON, Steigenberger Hotels, Tank & Rast, We Charge as well as Volkswagen AG.


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