HPC - advanced technology from Baden-Württemberg

Minister of Transport Hermann visits ADS-TEC

(Foto: ADS-TEC) Thomas Speidel and Winfried Hermann at the HPC

(Foto: ADS-TEC) Rainer Zietlow ID.3 German tour, Thomas Speidel, CEO ADS-TEC, Winfried Hermann Minister of Transport in Baden-Württemberg, Dominic Brüner, ID.3 German Tour

(Foto: ADS-TEC) Thomas Speidel and Winfried Hermann at the HPC

Two prominent visitors came to ADS-TEC on Wednesday, October 21st. The ID.3 Germany tour stopped at the HPC (High Power Charger) fast charging system in Nuertingen. During the marathon drive, Rainer Zietlow tests the electric vehicle's suitability for long distances and the nationwide charging infrastructure. On this occasion, Thomas Speidel, CEO of ADS-TEC, welcomed Winfried Hermann, Minister of Transport of Baden-Württemberg. In a live presentation, Speidel demonstrated on the minister's e-vehicle and the VW ID.3 how easy and uncomplicated high power charging from Baden-Württemberg works.

The Minister of Transport commended the innovative strength of the battery storage specialist, which has shown courage and risk with the development of the HPC. “This has been rewarded. The fast charging system will play an important role in the charging infrastructure of the country”, Hermann said. The Minister underlined that, the HPC enables fast charging at the normal grid connection and ensures therefore greater acceptance of the mobility change. The state of Baden-Württemberg is pleased about such medium-sized innovation companies as ADS-TEC.

Charging infrastructure for e-mobility without grid expansion

The HPC from ADS-TEC is a complex fast charging system with buffer storage. The station offers up to 320 kilowatts of charging power for filling up with electricity in minutes. The HPC charges at the locally available low-voltage grid and releases the stored energy in a short time when needed. This means that the system can be installed at almost any location without high investments in infrastructure or complex construction works.

Full electric through Germany
The long-distance expert Rainer Zietlow from Mannheim is testing more than 680 fast charging stations, including the High Power Charger from ADS-TEC, on his over 20,000 kilometre marathon journey through Germany. Zietlow's conclusion: "To make e-mobility suitable for masses, it requires a comprehensive fast-charging infrastructure. ADS-TEC is a leader in the development of fast charging systems with battery storage. E-mobility based on such companies.”

ADS-TEC – Technology for Professionals – 100% Made in Germany

ADS-TEC Energy GmbH is a company of ADS-TEC group, and is part-owned by BOSCH. The medium-sized, family-run business is headquartered in Nuertingen near Stuttgart, with a production site near Dresden.

ADS-TEC Energy GmbH is drawing on its decades of experience with lithium-ion technologies to produce battery storage solutions and fast charging systems, including the corresponding energy management systems. The technology can be used in private homes, public buildings and commercial enterprises, with solutions starting at a storage capacity of 19 kilowatt-hours. The scalable battery storage systems enable industrial and infrastructure solutions as well as self-sufficient energy supply systems with capacities of up to several megawatts. Its new fast charging technology for electric vehicles is truly ground-breaking, and features a unique compact design.

An exceptional high integration depth enables high quality and functionality of the produced battery technology. Apart from the cells, all our components are developed and produced in-house.

The CEO of ads-tec Holding GmbH, Thomas Speidel, is also Managing Director of ads-tec Energy GmbH and President of the German Energy Storage Association (BVES) e.V., based in Berlin. Through its involvement in government-funded projects across Germany at both national and regional level, ADS-TEC maintains close relations with companies and research institutions throughout the entire value chain.

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