ADS-TEC and Leclanché conclude a contract regarding the usage of ads-tec’s battery technology

Employing stationary lithium-ion battery storage systems has – since this year at the latest – been an integral part of the usage of renewable energy. Regular technical innovations and partnerships are crucial for the manufacturers of these systems if they want to achieve long-term market success. ADS-TEC and Leclanché have already been working together closely and in a complementary fashion on the topic of stationary lithium-ion battery storage systems for several years.

20. August 2015

Storage Rack System SRS0063

Storage Rack System SRS0063 / Picture: ads-tec

In August, ADS-TEC GmbH and the Swiss company Leclanché SA concluded a contract regarding the usage of ads-tec’s battery technology. As part of further strategic business development, Leclanché has decided to expand their own value-added chain beyond the cell.

“In this context, it made sense for Leclanché to license our existing, powerful and established technology based on Leclanché cells,” said Thomas Speidel, CEO at Nürtingen-based battery storage systems specialists ADS-TEC GmbH. As part of the contract, Leclanché acquires the non-exclusive usage right to employ special battery technology designed by ads-tec. “Technologies and know-how outside the scope of battery technology which concern Leclanché are not a part of the agreement. Both companies will continue to work together closely in future and have a positive impact on each other,” explained Speidel. Leclanché has not purchased any shares in ads-tec.

ads-tec will continue to develop and offer their own battery systems and modules as an independent supplier and technology owner. At present, battery systems with cells designed by Korean manufacturers KOKAM and SK Innovation are on offer at ADS-TEC alongside Leclanché-based batteries.

ads-tec offers solutions for the energy management of hybrid energy systems, the central cloud solution “Big-LinX”, as well as complex storage systems in the fields of “Home & Small Business”, “Industrial Applications”, and “Infrastructure Solutions for Energy Suppliers”. These topics were the subject of this year’s industrial trade fair Intersolar Europe – electric storage systems and their significance for the success of the energy transition. Whether it's for producing energy for one's own demands at home, or connected to hordes of batteries and integrated into the electricity grid, the application possibilities are diverse and the market is gathering pace.


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