ADS-TEC GmbH at the Intersolar Europe 2015: Battery storage systems are the topic of the day

German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, Sigmar Gabriel MdB, has visited our booth at Intersolar 2015

23. June 2015

Thomas Speidel, general manager of ADS-TEC GmbH (left), answered questions on the marketability and safety of current storage technologies from Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel (right).

Battery storage systems and their importance for the success of the transformation of the en-ergy system were the topics at the Intersolar Europe industrial trade fair, which came to an end last friday. Whether for self-supply in a household cellar or coupled with arrays of batteries and integrated in the power supply network, the possible applications are diverse and the market is gaining speed. Reason enough for the Deputy Federal Chancellor to take the time during his fair visit - which had been arranged on short notice - for a discussion with the general manager of the battery storage specialists ADS-TEC GmbH from Nürtingen. In focus: Questions on the marketability and safety of the technology as well as the role of Germany as a business loca-tion.

Gabriel was briefed in detail on the latest technology for battery storage systems. The Minister expressed particular interest in the award-winning "power bank" storage concept that has been running in Mannheim since the end of 2014 and which examines the efficient use of locally produced power. The storage container with high-performance lithium-ion batteries from ADS-TEC is connected to the low-voltage network as a district storage system and serves private households and commercial operations. Gabriel was impressed with this approach, "because it includes the 900 providers and reduces the de-solidarisation that is feared by the personal op-timisation of individual home battery storage systems", Speidel told the Minister.

The Minister was also very interested in the safety of the technology. Speidel reported on the high standards on safety and quality at ads-tec. The company is one of the first manufacturers of battery storage systems to receive an official declaration of conformity from the VDE in ac-cordance with the directives of the German Energy Storage Association (BVES). "Our products meet or exceed all applicable standards and certifications", said Speidel. Also important to Ga-briel was the role of Germany as a business location in the current boom of battery storage technologies. "We develop and produce our internationally competitive products in Nürtingen and Dresden", said Speidel.

About the "Strombank" district storage system
The ADS-TEC lithium-ion battery storage system in a 20-foot container format has a storage ca-pacity of 100 kWh. Connected to this district storage system are 14 private households and four commercial operations which produce power from photovoltaic systems and combined heat and power units. Power from various local generating systems that is not used immediate-ly flows into the storage system. Thus, every user has a virtual allotment available in the stor-age system depending on, among other things, the output of the connected photovoltaic sys-tem. The households can thereby store their self-generated power and withdraw it from the storage system at a later time for their own use. ADS-TEC supplies the complete system, includ-ing energy management system and software.


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