ADS-TEC GmbH at ees Europe / Intersolar 2016 New Battery Storage Solutions and “PowerBooster” Systems

On stand 230 in hall B1 of the electrical energy storage show (ees) under the Intersolar Europe 2016 umbrella, Nürtingen-based ADS-TEC presents new variations of its powerful StoraXe® Lithium-Ion Battery Storage Systems. As a novelty and special highlight of the show this year, ADS-TEC presents the smart, compact “PowerBooster” outdoor battery system for the supply of power to rapid charging stations in the distribution network.

24. May 2016

ADS-TEC grid service station being used as PowerBooster (Photo:ADS-TEC)

ADS-TEC grid service station being used as PowerBooster (Photo:ADS-TEC)

In recent years, battery storage systems have established themselves as a means of balancing the energy system. “Our intelligent storage systems help us use power grids more efficiently, feed more renewable energy into them and stabilize them in the process,” emphasized Thomas Speidel, general manager of ADS-TEC GmbH. “Those who use storage systems gain more independence and benefit from a higher consumption of their own power. In this way, users can help protect the climate and advance the Energiewende.”




New Storage Models for Homes and Small Businesses
At ees 2016, ADS-TEC presents new variations of products from its StoraXe® Home & Small Business portfolio for apartment buildings as well as small companies and public institutions. The smallest unit presented at the show is the new SRS0009 storage system with a rated capacity of 8.7 kWh. It has been designed for SMA’s Sunny Island inverter. It can be controlled by SMA or the ADS-TEC power management system. ADS-TEC designed the device with higher permanent capacity in mind. The system is scalable and, due to its performance, lends itself perfectly to professional applications, including those in industrial and commercial environments as well as high-powered off-grid usage. 

Also presented at ees are two new product versions of ADS-TECs larger StoraXe® systems. The company was able to significantly improve their performance and optimize prices. The new SRS2028 system comes with a 20 kW 3-phase inverter and achieves a power rating of 28 kWh. The SRS2019, also fitted with a 20 kW 3-phase inverter, delivers 18.6 kWh of power. Like their SRS 2025 predecessor, both systems are AC-coupled complete solutions with an integrated inverter, controller, as well as a safety and power management system with powerful APPs. All ADS-TEC high performance systems can run on emergency power, are black-start capable (for standalone applications), are fitted with a connected load limiter, are optimized for internal consumption, and wirelessly integrate for mains parallel operation. Due to their quality, safety and high capacity with a small footprint, all StoraXe® storage systems are specifically designed to work in professional environments. 

Newly developed Outdoor PowerBooster Battery System
Dynamic power supply for rapid charging stations is an indispensable feature of the electro-mobility infrastructure of the future. But there is not always sufficient power for the connection of rapid charging stations. As a PowerBooster, ADS-TEC’s new and highly compact outdoor battery system provides high power output to rapid charging stations, while low power is used to recharge the booster’s batteries from a local power outlet. This not only saves time. It also eliminates elaborate medium voltage systems, the need for building cost subsidies and the expense of network expansion.

Aside from the PowerBooster’s function as a power supply to rapid chargers, the new and smart outdoor battery system from ADS-TEC can be set up in almost any outdoor location and serve as a grid service station, while being connected to the 400V grid. The PowerBooster can also be used for voltage stabilization, providing delays for optimum network bandwidth, frequency control, supplying reactive power or peak capping. In particular, distribution networks, temporarily overloaded by the influx of renewable energy, can benefit from these functions to help them utilize the potential of existing networks. As a complete solution, the grid service station includes an inverter, temperature control, control electronics as well as a safety and power management system. The ADS-TEC Cloud Big-LinX system allows distributed storage systems to be monitored, safely coupled and integrated into higher level management systems and virtual power plants of clients and partners.

High Energy Density and Cycle Rates
With its intelligent lithium-ion based StoraXe® battery storage systems ADS-TEC develops and produces a technology for professional applications, characterized by very high energy density and a high number of cycles. ADS-TEC’s energy management system controls and coordinates battery storage systems through the Big-LinX® platform and integrates them into grids. Modular design and a comprehensive IT-system provide nearly unlimited scalability for all types of applications and networked system architectures, to enable higher consumption of independently produced solar power in residential homes, using hybrid systems in the neighborhood and even the supply of balancing energy for power companies and network operators. 

Safety first
ADS-TEC puts safety at the center of all its designs. All lithium-ion battery systems employ a redundant, multi-stage safety concept from the cell level all the way to the entire storage sys-tem. In this area ADS-TEC benefits from more than 35 years of system building experience. Functional and electrical safety is tested and certified in close collaboration with accredited testing labs like VDE. As a result of working closely with cell manufacturers, ADS-TEC’s safety concept already over-delivers on compliance with current battery safety requirements. 


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