Rainer Zietlow and Dominic Brüner have reached their destination with the ID.3 (Photo: Social Media Team ID3)

ID.3 Germany tour with world record

ADS-TEC supports successful marathon driveRead more ...

HPC - advanced technology from Baden-Württemberg

Minister of Transport Hermann visits ADS-TECRead more ...

Rainer Zietlow and Dominic Brüner with the new VW ID.3 Pro S (Photo: Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart)

On 21 October, the VW ID.3 marathon test drive around Germany will make a stop at the globally unique HPC Fast Charging System from ADS-TEC in Nürtingen

The charging event will be attended by Baden-Württemberg’s Minister of Transport, Winfried Hermann, who will be given the chance to learn more about the special features of the state’s High Power Charging Station and to test it...Read more ...

Oliver Blume, Winfried Kretschmann, Thomas Speidel (Photo: ADS-TEC)

Charging truck at the Automotive Industry Strategy Dialogue in Stuttgart

ADS-TEC presents mobile fast charging solution live and digitallyRead more ...

HPC-Booster von ADS-TEC Energy (Bild: ADS-TEC)

Porsche Fahrevent mit Probelauf am neuen HPC-Schnellladesystem der TEAG in Erfurt

12. August 2020

Schnellladen in wenigen Minuten am Niederspannungsnetz – dank Batteriesystem von ADS-TECRead more ...

ADS-TEC Energy: Highlights 2020

Battery storage specialist presents the most powerful mobile fast charging solutionRead more ...

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