"TOP Strompeicher 2018": Another award for ADS-TEC commercial storage

19 kWh worry-free storage solution SRS2019 wins again and scores above all in the topic of price-performance

"TOP Power Storage" StoraXe Rack System SRS2019 (Photo: ADS-TEC)

"TOP Power Storage" StoraXe Rack System SRS2019 (Photo: ADS-TEC)

In cooperation with EuPD Research and the media partner “Edison” from the Handelsblatt publishing house, the German CleanTech Institute once again launched a large-scale analysis this year: The EuPD Bonn experts have compared the prices, features and service of 114 storage models from 75 companies in Europe.

The StoraXe storage system SRS2019 from ADS-TEC with a capacity of 19 kWh and a power of 20 kW received the "TOP Electricity Storage" award in the commercial category from 15 kWh, as this professional system - like all StoraXe storage systems from ADS-TEC - delivers high performance and offers a variety of applications such as self-consumption optimization, emergency power, 3-phase black start with 100% unbalanced load, island function, hybrid power plant or intelligent peak load management.

Learn more about our StoraXe SRS rack systems at https://www.ads-tec.de/energy-storage/SRS


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