SWARCO and ADS-TEC Energy cooperate on charging infrastructure

Ultra-fast charging with battery connection

25. May 2021

HPC-Booster (Photo: ADS-TEC)

HPC-Booster (Photo: ADS-TEC)

SWARCO offers companies with the HPC-Booster a future-proof and efficient charging solution for company, employee, and customer vehicles. The all-round service with 24/7 availability of the high charging performance, including call centre support for end customer or employee questions, is of course included. For this purpose, a network of certified sensor and charging pole suppliers as well as 250 highly qualified service technicians in Germany alone, are available.

Thomas Speidel, CEO of ADS-TEC and President of the German Association for Energy Storage Systems (BVES), is pleased that the strategic cooperation with SWARCO will make the urgently needed fast-charging infrastructure available for the rapidly growing share of electric vehicles - even without time-consuming and expensive grid expansion at almost any location. "With around 900 ultra-fast charging points, our systems already reliably deliver high charging power at many locations in the distribution grid, for example even in the middle of large cities. SWARCO has a lot of experience in building and managing complex infrastructures in the area. It is an important step and a confirmation of our platform offerings that SWARCO relies on the compact, high-performance and low-noise ADS-TEC technology to close the charging gaps even in power-limited locations."

Read more about the cooperation with SWARCO in our press release.

For more information about SWARCO here.


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