Strategy Dialogue Automotive Industry

MHPC at Messe Stuttgart

14. September 2020

On September 17, the interim report conference of the Automotive Industry Strategy Dialogue will take place. The annual top-level meeting is supported by a virtual trade fair for the public. ADS-TEC Energy presents the "Mobile High Power Charger" to the high-ranking participants in the outdoor area of the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre. The world's most powerful mobile fast charging station offers the solution for flexible and time-limited fast charging technology without the need for costly infrastructure expansion.

During the top-level meeting, the state government will discuss with the management boards of the companies and other partners in the strategy dialogue how the necessary transformation of the automotive industry can be made a success for the economy, people and the environment. The subsequent press conference with Minister President Winfried Kretschmann and representatives from the ranks of the SDA partners will provide an outlook on the further focal points of the seven-year strategy dialog.

Further information can be found here.

Video report SWR Aktuell Baden-Württemberg can be found here.


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