The Science4Life start-up initiative award

"Flex4Energy" with the ADS-TEC large-scale storage system and Big-LinX® is the winner of the "Energy Cup"

19. January 2018

The "Flex4Energy" project, in which ADS-TEC is heavily involved, is to receive the Energy Cup in the Science4Life start-up competition for its submitted project proposal. Every year, the annual business plan competition invites idea holders from all over Germany to turn innovative business ideas from the life sciences, chemistry and energy branches into corporate successes. This makes it the country's largest business plan competition in these cutting-edge sectors. If the project is successful in the first round of the competition, the "idea phase", then it goes through to the next competition round of the start-up initiative. There the ideas are developed into concepts.

"Flex4Energy" tests ways of managing flexibilities intelligently. Fluctuations from volatile power generation have so far been compensated primarily in the transmission grid. A trading platform for flexibility potential has now for the first time been developed at distribution grid level in order to reduce the degree of regulation required and to relieve the load on the transmission grids. The system can be made more flexible using storage systems as well as by the cloud-based control of loads or consumption.

With Big-LinX, ADS-TEC provides the appropriate IoT service platform to which providers of flexibility potential (energy producers, storage systems or energy consumers) can connect via a secure communication link. As a battery specialist, ADS-TEC also provides the StoraXe large-scale storage system in container format and develops the intelligent energy management software EMS used for the calculation and optimization of the flexibility offer. ADS-TEC therefore not only controls the potential of the storage system, but also the optionally connected generators and consumers (solar, wind, thermal, etc.) and optimizes this interplay of the flexibilities. Here particular attention is given to the cost effectiveness and to the new business models associated with this.

The StoREgio association together with Fraunhofer ISE and HSE in Darmstadt is responsible for overall project management. The project is sponsored by Germany's Federal Ministry of Economics.


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