PowerBooster official opened in Dresden

Environmentally friendly mobility

PowerBooster official opened in Dresden  (Photo: Oliver Killing)

PowerBooster official opened in Dresden (Photo: Oliver Killing)

Together with the saxon state capital Dresden, DREWAG and other partners, Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe (DVB) opened the 17th Dresden Mobility Point (MOBIpunkt). It combines the environmentally friendly mobility offers tram, bus, car sharing and rental bikes as well as charging points for electric cars and offers optimal transfer conditions between the different modes of transport.

The special feature at the Fetscherplatz location is the PowerBooster by ADS-TEC Energy. The battery storage has a capacity of 241 kWh and is used to buffer fast charging processes. This allows the grid connection capacity at the site to be limited to 140 kW.  "It will nevertheless be possible to refuel three electric vehicles with a maximum charging capacity of 150 kW at the same time", explains DREWAG Managing Director Dr. Frank Brinkmann. By the use of the battery storage system from ADS-TEC Energy, the city of Dresden avoids an expensive and time-consuming grid expansion in the middle of the city. This serves to maintain the stability of the power grids in the long term and minimises the effort required to expand the infrastructure for electromobility.


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