Porsche driving event at TEAG in Erfurt

Fast charging at HPC in a few minutes

HPC booster from ADS-TEC Energy (Photo: ADS-TEC)

HPC booster from ADS-TEC Energy (Photo: ADS-TEC)

"Fast charging on the road" was the focus of the three-day electric driving event with Porsche on the campus of TEAG (Thueringer Energie AG) in Erfurt. The High Power Charging Event was organized by the Porsche Centre Erfurt with the support of TEAG as a customer event with test charging. The Porsche Taycans were charged at the newly installed HPC fast charging station of ADS-TEC Energy. The aim of the event was to experience the topic for potential customers and interested parties and to convey how uncomplicated and easy fast charging can be. It became clear how close a charging process comes to the conventional filling process in terms of time and what other advantages this new technology has to offer.

Denis Schuldig, Head of TEAG's Product and Project Management Department in the Mobility Division, is delighted with the extremely successful event: "As expected, the enthusiasm after driving was great. The fact that High Power Charging really only takes minutes left a special overall impression".

The system can deliver up to 320 kilowatts per charging station, which is more than even a Taycan can currently handle. Even with successive charging processes, the power output remains constant, as was demonstrated in Erfurt. Even the intense heat had no effect on the charging performance, because the integrated air-conditioning technology is designed to cope with these temperatures.


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