ADS-TEC and SWARCO cooperation

For the quick charging infrastructure in Germany

18. May 2017

Companies ADS-TEC and SWARCO TRAFFIC SYSTEMS from the Stuttgart area consider the cooperation to be an ideal combination with synergy effects. Both parties to the contract have the complementary services, options and networks for being able to develop and set up a quick charging infrastructure with a combined energy storage system for electric vehicles, finance it with other partners and also operate it. 

Electric cars which are becoming increasingly powerful require overall solutions in order to be used, not just individual components. The commercial and industrial home connections are nowhere near powerful enough to handle these requirements. Buffer storage must therefore also be installed by customers in addition to the charging stations, not least to avoid power spikes.

ADS-TEC presented the “PowerBooster+” charging station for the first time at this year’s Hanover trade show, the battery system with up to 300 kilowatts of output and integrated charging technology from SWARCO TRAFFIC SYSTEMS.


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