High-performance battery with 2.5 MW online in Schleswig-Holstein

New StoraXe storage system for grid regulation, for primary regulation energy and for research into smart grid functionality

19. January 2018

High-performance battery with 2.5 MW online in Schleswig-Holstein (Photo: ADS-TEC)

High-performance battery with 2.5 MW online in Schleswig-Holstein (Photo: ADS-TEC)

The battery power plant, which has a capacity of 2.5 megawatt hours and a power output of 2.5 megawatts and was only installed in December 2017, has been successfully connected to the grid at the Wind to Gas Energy GmbH & Co. KG site in Brunsbüttel. In just 8 months, the plant from ADS-TEC was ready to use and integrated in the control centre of the Brunsbüttel public utility company. Like all previous StoraXe large-scale batteries, the plant was prequalified straightaway. "We are pleased that we were able to realise the plant in such a short time and that it could be handed over for regular operation without problem," says the delighted ADS-TEC project manager Helmut Söldner.

The redundant 40-foot container solution can collect/feed large amounts of power from/into the grid in milliseconds in order to smooth energy peaks in the power supply network and to make the volatile generation of power from renewable sources available at all times. Together with Frauenhofer ISIT from Itzehohe, the system is being used to test alternative operating concepts for battery storage systems. The additional benefit of StoraXe storage systems from ADS-TEC is, for example, the ability to connect them to ADS-TEC's IoT service platform Big-LinX, which offers extensive possibilities and innovative business models.

The plant is a research project sponsored by Germany's Federal Ministry of Economics. It is part of North Germany's energy revolution 4.0 and one of the first large-scale grid stabilisation projects to be realised through an initiative by the federal government in the north of the country.


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