Economics Minister Schmid at ads-tec

Minister visits energy storage systems

11. April 2013

Minster Nils Schmid (on the left) gets detailed information from Oliver Seeger, ADS-TEC product manager

Picture e-mobil BW GmbH/KD Busch

On 9 April 2013 Nils Schmid, Economics Minister of Baden-Württemberg, got informed about large format lithium-ion energy storage systems and their IT-management. An important element for the transformation of the energy system and the "internet of energy".

With scalable Lithium-Ion energy storage systems and their IT-management cloud, ADS-TEC develops the future technology for a decentralized dynamic energy management.
At the Gemeinschaftsstand Baden-Württemberg (joint booth Baden-Württemberg) the Minister got informed about this new technology. In the "internet of energy" dynamic and decentralized energy storage sytems will be of great importance. Charging- and discharging processes have to be managed, observed and connected in a smart way. The storage sytems have to "communicate" - among each other, with the grid and with their respective user. The ads-tec energy storage systems can be integrated into these structures with Big-LinX, the ADS-TEC IT Management Cloud. By that, ADS-TEC creates the base for change.


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