Successful trade show appearance with the new HPC booster

Great deal of interest shown in the ADS-TEC fast charging concepts for electromobility

25. October 2017

The EVS30 in Stuttgart was proof that Electromobility has become reality. We are at the dawn of an exponential development that affects both electric vehicles and the charging infrastructure.

ADS-TEC again generated a great deal of visitor interest with its PowerBooster storage system, since the mini-container battery system plays a part in the simple integration of fast charging systems in the distribution grid.

One particular highlight was the presentation of the world's first "HPC booster" high-power charger, which has been developed by ADS-TEC and the Porsche Engineering Group. The extremely compact and performance-optimized battery system is an extremely smart solution for the provision of high power in the performance-limited distribution grid. In combination with the ADS-TEC "HPC Dispenser" fast-charging station, electric vehicles can be charged with up to 320 kW.


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