EnBW and ADS-TEC combine leading technology and energy expertise for the home

Gradual expansion of sales activities: EnBW solar+ now also available in Lower Saxony.

18. May 2017

Since the introduction of EnBW solar+ in 2016 the sales figures of the solar solution have exceeded the original expectations, making it possible for the sales areas of EnBW AG for EnBW solar+ to be gradually expanded. “We are pleased that EnBW solar+ has generated so much interest on the market, and that we can provide a professional system with the ADS-TEC storage system”, says Stefan Wresch, project manager for EnBW solar+ at EnBW. The product is now also available in Lower Saxony.

With EnBW solar+, EnBW is combining solar power generation, energy storage and energy distribution in a single product. Thanks to networking in the “energy community”, customers can sell surplus electricity cheaply, be self-sufficient or obtain inexpensive green energy that is needed from the community. This takes place automatically, and can be monitored using an intuitive Smartphone app. It is part of the package which consists of the solar system, the stationary storage system and two inverters.

Photovoltaic systems and storage systems have been so well developed from a technological and costing point of view that small local home energy business does not just make ecological sense, but it has also become financially cost-effective.


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