One year continuous electricity in Africa

Storage system "PowerBooster" successfully used in Vanga

In summer 2019, a battery container from ADS-TEC with a capacity of 120 kilowatt hours was installed in combination with a new PV system to supply a bush hospital in the remote Vanga region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Since then, the hospital has been reliably supplied with electricity around the clock. What was previously only possible for a few hours via several diesel generators is now being done with the help of the sun, which is abundantly available in Africa in particular.

Brother Friedhelm manages the children's ward of the hospital, where destitute patients are also treated. In addition, he looks after other services that are of central importance for the hospital. Currently, the isolation ward once set up for Ebola patients has been renovated and adapted for suspected cases of Covid-19 and extended hygiene measures have also been taken. The isolation ward consists of two old houses with six single rooms and is supplied with electricity around the clock. The same applies to the access path, so that at night you can reach this remote area under lighting. The stored solar energy facilitates the daily work in many ways.

Pediatrician Friedhelm reports: "I am very grateful for the continuous electricity. It has brought about a significant relaxation in the care of seriously ill children, especially newborns. You can now give oxygen without having to think all the time, the electricity will go out in a moment. He is again increasingly active in paediatrics and ultrasound, after the focus in spring was on intensive protective corona measures and a strategy for the hospital had to be worked out.

Even at the first attempt, the potential of the battery storage system was fully exploited and the target of 24 hours of power for the hospital was secured. The management from Nuertingen functions smoothly. Computer scientist Hubert Kruegler from the technical team adds: "Some hurdles were successfully overcome, so that the operation is running satisfactorily.


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