ADS-TEC at the end of year conference in the historic Turbinenhalle in Berlin

President of the BVES and CEO of ADS-TEC, Thomas Speidel, calls for clear stances regarding energy policy

Group picture at the annual financial statements of BVES (Photo: ADS-TEC)

Group picture at the annual financial statements of BVES (Photo: ADS-TEC)

On 30 November, the German Association of Energy Storage Facilities (BVES) met to not only appoint five new business representatives to the board of directors, but to set signals for energy policies, too. It was made apparent that the political sphere is not congruent with the energy revolution and the aim of reducing CO2 emissions. “Here there’s a disparity between our objectives and our actions. Our goals need to shape our actions,” Thomas Speidel concludes. Storage facilities are available and have been industrialised, he says. “All sectors are affected, whether this be heating, gas, electricity or mobility. Companies, associations and governments are being pushed to adapt to these changes.

The conference provided a good platform to allow exchanges between experts from the German energy storage sector and the Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). In the course of discussions, storage facilities were established as having a central role in a sustainable energy system: only when room for flexibility is built into the system, such as with energy storage facilities, can we really begin with the decarbonisation of all energy sectors. BVES has long demanded that storage facilities be regarded as the fourth pillar of energy law, alongside production, transportation and consumption. We should do away with the current scepticism of storage facilities and begin to take an approach to market access which is more open to the use of technology.

In his keynote address, the president of the BVES made it clear that we must put an end to the standstill in our energy policy. “It really is about time that we take the next major step and begin capitalising on the economic and ecological potential of the energy system of the future. This concerns, among other things, the role of flexibility and energy storage facilities whose strategical and regulatory integration into the decentralised and cross-sector energy system of the future is well overdue,” says Speidel.


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