24/7 Energy – Battery Storage in Africa started its work

PowerBooster successfully started its work on 31st October

Great joy about the new possibilities of StoraXe PowerBooster (photo: eddison)

Great joy about the new possibilities of StoraXe PowerBooster (photo: eddison)

A vision has become truth. With great pleasure we can state: The battery storage system in Vanga in the PR Congo is online!
The storage supplies the whole mission station including hospital with solar energy around the clock. While in the past only 3 hours a day electricity was constantly available through diesel generators.

The health care district Vanga is a sparsely populated area with approx. 250,000 inhabitants. Already 100 years ago the health care station was established by American doctors. Meanwhile the mission is led for very many years by the Christian association “Christusträger-Bruderschaft".

Next to all difficulties that the station faces being located in the heart of PR Congo, the electricity supply is the utmost challenge. This is particularly visible during hospital hours, when the power supply breaks down. Especially in Africa with its lots of sun a decentralised power supply with solar collectors and a battery storage system is the obvious solution.

The PowerBooster as a closed AC container battery system including controls, inverted rectifier and climate control with a capacity of 120 kWh and a performance of 120 kVA can provide the stored solar energy whenever the sun does not shine. In April 2019 the container left our premises in Nuertingen and arrived safely at Vanga on the 26th July 2019.

Since 31st October 2019 the system runs together with the new photovoltaic collectors of Vesofast constantly without any problems. From now on five local electricians are looking after the system and are servicing it.

On the day of implementation the project leading friend of the confraternity Walter Weigand in Vanga wrote: “… The whole system will enlarge the possibilities of the hospital substantially and will bring it to a new and higher level. The people here are looking forward to it with enormous joy.”

The ADS-TEC managing partner Thomas Speidel expresses his gratitude to all involved parties: “With this project the strengths of our team becomes obvious again. I am very glad, that this ‘little vision’ has become true. It shows, what is possible, when you just simply do it!”


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