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Industrial WLAN – Wireless connection for indoor and outdoor

Industrial WLAN - IWL3000 series

IWL3000 series

Industrial Wireless LAN
• IEEE 802.11n, a/h, b/g
   available all in one
• 1 or 2 modules for 2,4
   and 5 GHz band
• Optional Daisychain cabeling
   Remote servicing & Remote

ads-tec IT products are the key components "Made in Germany" for a successful operation of IT networks in the industry. 100% depth of development is the basis for a reliable and versatile use value. Cableless communicate Made in Germany Wireless networks are an important means of Ethernet-based infrastructures. Whether it's to expensive cable channels to avoid or be tied to mobile operators. ads-tec offers wireless components for industrial use.

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