Industrial IT – Industrial PC & Industrial Computer

With the capacity of 100% inhouse development and over 30 years of expert knowledge ADS-TEC a company from the region of Stuttgart, implements demanding Industrial IT solutions for professional applications. Industrial PC, Tablet PC, Touch Panel PC, Vehicle Mounted Terminal, Industrial WLAN, Firewall & Router or the Remote Service Cloud Big-LinX – we deliver long-term marketable Industrial IT and Custom Products – 100% Made in Germany.

Energy Storage – Battery & Storage Systems

ADS-TEC develops and produces high-performance lithium ion battery & storage systems. Our expert knowledge in lithium ion batteries relies on our capacity of 100% inhouse development. Modules from Storage Block Battery and Rack Battery including Battery Management System (BMS), Rack Controller or scalable Storage Systems to complete Container Solutions – we provide compatible energy storage systems – 100% Energy efficiency.

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